DARSOMBRA Album Nears Release; European Tour Starts Today

Today transcendental/drone audio/visual duo DARSOMBRA begin their lengthy European tour in support of their forthcoming new album, Climax Community. For the next month the outfit will tour through the continent alongside their friends and European labelmates Stinking Lizaveta, with Tarentatec, Ides of Gemini and more confirmed for regional parts of the tour.

DARSOMBRA have also just confirmed a record release show upon their return from the tour, set for October 13th in their hometown of Baltimore.

Check out the full list of DARSOMBRA live permeations and surround your cerebellum with a trailer for Climax Community as well as live footage from Brooklyn filmed on the duo’s recent East Coast tour and more below.

A climax community is “a biological community of plants and animals which, through the process of ecological succession – the development of vegetation in an area over time – has reached a steady state,” says good old Wikipedia. Climax Community is a record by DARSOMBRA, built and hewn from time, practice, and re-arrangement of one’s life for the love of creative journey to other planets through music.

Following a multitude of releases on labels including At A Loss, Public Guilt and Underradar, in addition to self-released recordings, Maryland’s ultra-eclectic transcendental/drone rock unit DARSOMBRA have signed with Germany’s Exile On Mainstream for the release of their new full-length album, Climax Community. Set for North American release on October 16th, the three tracks on Climax Community traverse forty five minutes of DARSOMBRA‘s unique, slow-building, organic transcendental rock, and explore realms of the musical cosmos not present on their previous releases. Both LP and CD versions of Climax Community will be released with a direct link to the visual part of this project which shall be watched while listening to the album.

DARSOMBRA European Tour 2012:
9/07/2012 South Of Mainstream Festival – Schönewalde-Stolzenhain, Germany
9/10/2012 Baracke – Ilmenau, Germany w/ Stinking Lizaveta Tarentatec
9/11/2012 Molotow – Hamburg w/ Stinking Lizaveta Tarentatec
9/12/2012 Schaubude – Kiel, Germany w/ Stinking Lizaveta Tarentatec
9/13/2012 Vortex – Siegen, Germany w/ Stinking Lizaveta Tarentatec
9/14/2012 Incubate Festival – Tilburg, Netherlands
9/15/2012 The Black Heart – London, UK w/ Stinking Lizaveta
9/16/2012 TBA – UK w/ Stinking Lizaveta
9/17/2012 Bannermans – Edinburgh, UK w/ Stinking Lizaveta
9/18/2012 TBA – UK w/ Stinking Lizaveta
9/19/2012 Nice & Sleazy – Glasgow, UK w/ Stinking Lizaveta
9/20/2012 Tyne Bar – Newcastle, UK w/ Stinking Lizaveta
9/21/2012 TBA – UK w/ Stinking Lizaveta
9/22/2012 Aïnu Festival – Montaigu, France
9/23/2012 TBA – France w/ Stinking Lizaveta
9/25/2012 Magasin 4 – Brussels, Belgium w/ Stinking Lizaveta
9/26/2012 L’ÃŽle Aux Trésors – Liège, Belgium w/ Stinking Lizaveta
9/28/2012 Sedel – Luzern, Switzerland w/ Stinking Lizaveta
09/29/2012 Royal – Baden, Switzerland w/ Stinking Lizaveta
09/30/2012 Sidro Club – Savignano, Italy w/ Stinking Lizaveta
10/01/2012 TBA – Bolzano, Italy w/ Stinking Lizaveta
10/02/2012 KV – Nürnberg, Germany w/ Stinking Lizaveta
10/03/2012 Ostpol – Dresden, Germany w/ Stinking Lizaveta
10/04/2012 Klub Final – Prague, Czech Republic w/ Stinking Lizaveta
10/05/2012 UT Connewitz – Leipzig, Germany w/ Stinking Lizaveta, Ides Of Gemini
10/06/2012 Cassiopeia – Berlin, Germany w/ Stinking Lizaveta, Ides Of Gemini

DARSOMBRA Record Release Show:
10/13/2012 Metro Gallery – Baltimore, MD w/ Hotgod (featuring Katrina Ford of Celebration), Human Host