DARK BUDDHA RISING: New Teaser Video From Finnish Psychedelic Doom Cult Playing At Noisey; Inversum Release Day Draws Near

DBR_studio2_Sasu_Riikonen low[photo by Sasu Riikonen]

With the release of Inversum, the imminent new full-length from Finnish psychedelic doom cult, DARK BUDDHA RISING, now less than one month away, today Vice’s music portal, Noisey, offers up an ominous new video teaser for public intoxication.

Their fifth studio offering overall and first for Neurot Recordings, Inversum is a two-track exercise in the black arts of psychedelia, ingesting its listeners whole into a tense, menacing realm of dark atmospheres, harrowing mysticism, tormented howls and slow, treacherous riff rumblings. In an advance and thorough investigation, Cvlt Nation commends the occult quality of the record and its minimalistic but incessant, underlying drone `noting, “Inversum is a dark oasis that DARK BUDDHA RISING have lost themselves in. It really feels like the band set out to create a dark opus, and through their recording sessions, have become part of its darkness as well… with Inversum, the band is opening a new cycle to their existence.” Abysmal Hymns hails the band’s, “bleak post-apocalyptic tone,” while Glacially Musical elaborates, “Slow, plodding, and then full of rage and energy, these songs do not do anything quickly. There’s an uncomfortable mood set and in time, there is a payoff. While waiting, the listener is treated to wah drenched guitars with tones that sound like the amplifiers are on fire, howling vocals that breed anger, enmity, and sadness.” Adds Metal Storm in a poetic analysis, “A bell is struck in a silent temple. Black clouds gather over the Himalayas. A yogi lights incense in a forest, isolated. He approaches death, and is ready for the trip.”

The latest DARK BUDDHA RISING video teaser offers up a brief taste of second movement, the twenty-three-plus minute “E X O,” combined with mystical images of doom and decay. Issues Noisey of the clip: “There are several things you need to know about DARK BUDDHA RISING. Chief among them is that they form a cornerstone of that Finnish dark psychedelia scene you’ve been hearing so much about. Secondly, they’Ve got a new album coming out soon… which will come squalling into the world via Neurot…. Finally, and most importantly, it is imperative that you understand just how much they fucking rule. The video clip gives you a solid hint as to just how special this heavy, weird, hypnotic band can be”

View the teaser at THIS LOCATION.

And if you missed it, sample the condensed edition of opening hymn, “E S O,” self-described as “the inner process of Inversum, a personal voyage into the eternal current of existence,” courtesy of Decibel Magazine at THIS LOCATION.

Regarded as the opening of the Third Cycle Of DARK BUDDHA RISING, Inversum was recorded, produced and mixed by the band in the bowels of the Wastement, the self-proclaimed “asylum of eternal feedback,” and welcomes the addition of new DARK BUDDHA RISING recruits, V. Vatanen (guitar, vocals), J. Saarivuori (keyboards) and M. Neuman (vocals).

As the dust of centuries has settled on pages unwritten, the gates are opened only within. In ascension rites of introvert spirits, the signature of passing flesh is inscribed in the memorial garden as a note of entrance. Succeeding this initiation, all levels are accessible through death transpired as severance of the flesh and the spirit immortal. As the remnants of flesh dance to the endless pulses of the multiverse, the underlying directives in biorhythms to which these pulses are synchronized (from ego to the universe on the left hand and no ego in the void beneath the veil) and to be followed like a call of nature. Nature withholds the void that exists to the unaided eye of the celestials, and the rhythms transpire as keys. As the innerspace traveler is aligned with the order of the nine, disarray in the processes is suddenly reversible, and the liberated shall walk the brightened path that is not treaded afoot. This is DARK BUDDHA RISING.

DARK BUDDHA RISING‘s Inversum will be released on CD and vinyl formats on September 25th, 2015 through Neurot Recordings. Preorder bundles are currently available at THIS LOCATION.