D.I.S. To Release Debut Full-Length

Bringing together a combined total of over 75 years experience and dedication to the underground through various bands, D.I.S. is an unstoppable bulldozer of heaviness and ferocity. A crushing powerhouse of Swedish influenced d-beat mixed with ripping metal and thrash, backed by traditionally aggressive punk vocals, D.I.S. was formed in 2008 by guitarist Bruce Reeves, a founding member of grindcore legends Phobia, following his exit from the band after 15 solid years of grinding. Today D.I.S. features guitarist Reeves (also the founder of Warlord Clothing), alongside drummer Sean Vahle (Eat The Living), vocalist Mike Fisher (ex-No Warning), bassist Kent Elmore (ex-Mange) and guitarist Leon del Muerte (Exhumed, Intronaut, Phobia, Impaled, Murder Construct etc.).

Having shared stages with the likes of The Accused, Naked Aggression, General Surgery, Phobia, Cattle Decapitation, Litmus Green, Lack Of Interest, Bastard Noise, War Cry and Gravehill among many others, D.I.S have established themselves as a brutal band that appeals to the heaviest of metal and punk crowds alike.

The band will release their first full-length entitled, Critical Failure, this spring via Deep Six Records in the US in late May and Power It Up in Europe early June. The 10-song record was tracked by John Haddad (who’s worked with Intronaut, Hirax, Abysmal Dawn, Winterthrall, Phobia Final Conflict etc.) at Trench Studios in Corona, CA. All bass and vocal tracks were recorded in the band’s own studio by Vahle, who also mixed the record. Critical Failure centers around issues of interpersonal struggle, blind capitalism and religious hypocrisy.

Said Reeves of the offering, “This record is really crushing. We are all really proud of it and can’t wait to get on the road this summer to destroy faces and kick down doors. I’m really excited about this album and this band over everything I’ve been involved with in the past.”

D.I.S. will be heading across the U.S. in support of their new record later this summer and have several split releases in the works. Details TBA. You have been warned.