CVLT Nation Presents Sonic Unrest Vol. 2 Virtual Fest This Week, July 23rd-25th

Underground music/arts portal CVLT Nation expands their ongoing live content and presents the second installment in their ongoing virtual concert series, with Sonic Unrest Vol. 2, running this week!

Sonic Unrest Vol. 2 is the second incarnation of CVLT Nation’s Sonic Unrest virtual fests. Sonic Unrest Vol. 2 runs from July 23rd to July 25th and features twelve bands from around the world. This Sonic Unrest features performances by Secret Shame, Deth Crux, False Brother, Provoker, and acts from two international collectives: Japan’s Discipline Collective who presents Sanoa, Moonscape, KLONNS, Ms.Machine, and LSTNGT, and Costa Rica’s Harmful Existence Productions who presents Voidoath, Astriferous, and Bloodsoaked Necrovoid.

It’s three days of underground music expression ranging from post-punk to psychedelic doom, all hosted on Each artist has donation links so that the audience can support them directly. The event’s poster art was created by Marina Nunez.

Tune in to CVLT Nation’s Sonic Unrest Vol. 2 this Thursday, July 23rd through Saturday, July 25th at their official YouTube channel event playlist RIGHT HERE.

Sonic Unrest Vol. 2
July 23rd- 25th, 2020

Day 1 [event page]

7:00pm PST Secret Shame
7:30pm PST Sanoa
7:45pm PST Deth Crux

Day 2 [event page]:

7:00pm PST Voidoath
7:45pm PST Astriferous
8:15pm PST Bloodsoaked Necrovoid
9:00pm PST Moonscape

Day 3 [event page]

7:00pm PST False Brother
7:30pm PST Ms Machine
8:30pm PST Provoker

Watch for additional CVLT Nation and Sonic Unrest updates to be issued. See more at the following links: