CRYPT ROT To Release Embryonic Devils Through Southern Lord; “Chapters Of Torment” Streaming + Band To Play The Power Of The Riff


Southern Lord is preparing to unleash a torrent of tumultuous filth, having signed Ohio-based CRYPT ROT – formed by several current/former members of Homewrecker — for the release of their Embryonic Devils debut in early 2017. The album’s “Chapters Of Torment” has been issued for early streaming, as the band announces new live dates, including a set at The Power Of The Riff.

Having written and recorded five original songs within a months’ time, CRYPT ROT captured these terrorizing, filth-laden death anthems on their Embryonic Devils debut, with each track led by a death-aura segue. For the recording sessions, the band enlisted Bill Korecky at the Mars Compound (Integrity, Ringworm, Homewrecker); the collaboration with Korecky lead to a well-polished, high-gain sound that grasps elements of many genres and crushes its listeners with its ferocity. Upon completion, the album was passed along, ultimately leading to the signing with Southern Lord.

“Chapters Of Torment” from Embryonic Devils is streaming early RIGHT HERE.

Embryonic Devils is finalized for February/March release; a final street date, pressing details, preorders, and more will be made available shortly.

CRYPT ROT has confirmed several new tour dates for the weeks ahead, including shows in their hometown of Ashtabula, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh to take place through the rest of November. The band will also be performing in December at the Southern Lord showcase The Power of the Riff, the Los Angeles-based two-day event also including Neurosis, Wolves In The Throne Room, Nails, Pelican, Gatecreeper, Bloodclot, and more. Additional tour dates are to be announced through the months ahead.

CRYPT ROT Tour Dates:
11/18/2016 1830 W. 8th St. – Ashtabula, OH w/ Nytecrawlers, Little, Less, Least (donation show)
11/25/2016 The Foundry – Cleveland, OH w/ Left Behind, Skincarver, Falls Apart
11/26/2016 Gooski’s – Pittsburgh, PA w/ Anicon, Taphos Nomos
12/17/2016 Regent Theater – Los Angeles, CA @ The Power Of The Riff [tickets]

Born in Ashtabula, Ohio in early 2016, CRYPT ROT was formed by lead vocalist/guitarist Ryan Sposito (former frontman of Homewrecker), drummer/vocalist Matt Izzi (Homewrecker, Scorched), guitarist Joe DeDedomenic, bassist Steve Cray (formerly of Homewercker), and occasional vocals from Allie Dioneff, the band is influenced by old-school Swedish death metal, punk, and hardcore, summoning a pummeling force of drop tuned aggression with pent up agony that is displayed in a unique, yet brutal form. Influence from masters Carnage, Dismember, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Repugnant, Deicide, Dissection, and others coalesce, carrying an aggressive attack, full of tempo changes and relentless riffs, listeners are cast into the depths of morbidity, complete with scorching harmonies, female vocals, and an atmosphere of Hell-like origin, lyrically conveying a creative focus on life and death, politics, antireligion, suffering, and personal insanity, with each song displaying an archaic sense of destruction. Let the Rot Begin… welcome to the Crypt.