CRUCIFYRE Video Teaser + Track Listing Posted

Stockholm, Sweden death metallers CRUCIFYRE, featuring the crushing lineup of vocalist Erik Tormentor Sahlström (General Surgery, Maze Of Torment, Serpent Obscene et al), guitarists TG (The Sun, Morbid) and Urban Skytt (Crematory, Regurgitate, Nasum), bassist Henrik Doltz Nilsson (Dobermann Cult) and drummer Yasin Hillborg (Afflicted). Are set to release their debut full-length, Infernal Earthly Divine, via Pulverised Records.

Infernal Earthly Divine Track Listing:

1. Born Again Satanist
2. Kiss The Goat
3. Hellish Sacrifice
4. Majestical / Sadistical
5. Witch Hammer
6. Thessalonian Death Cult
7. A.W.W.S / …Of Hell
8. Hail Satan
9. The Fetching