CORRECTIONS HOUSE: Know How To Carry A Whip Streaming In Its Entirety At Decibel; Record Drops TOMORROW Via Neurot Recordings


“This group is so super, every damn letter should be in caps.” — Decibel

Tomorrow marks the official detonation date of Know How To Carry A Whip, the second full-length endeavor from industrialized volume abusers CORRECTIONS HOUSE. A nine-track, forty-five-minute exercise in audio acrimony, the record was captured by the band’s own Sanford Parker (Buried At Sea) alongside recently institutionalized minister of propaganda, Seward Fairbury, in a subterranean bunker complex in Vietnam.

Already deemed a maniacal masterwork, Exclaim hails a release that’s, “even more ominous, nihilistic and dismal,” than it’s predecessor, further championing its, “complex array of anxiety-inducing electronic effects,” and vocalist Mike IX Williams’, “poetic, despairing vocals.” Decibel Magazine celebrates the band’s “sharpened focus,” noting, “CORRECTIONS HOUSE build mechanical aggrotech sludge from the blood and muck shoved into the gutter by Godflesh’s Steetcleaner.” Elaborates Drowned In Sound, “I want to stand behind artists that are restless, who thrive on creation, and who do not fear where their muses might lead. Such is what I hear on Know How… visions, induced by cold sweats; nights awake with Einsturzende Neubauten throbbing in headphones; the external appearance of terror (i.e. the ski masks in their videos), driven by the internal desire to evoke a reaction beyond indifference.” Echoes And Dust calls the record, “…a shining example of a metal and industrial fused record, one that successfully fuels the undeniable fact that the artists behind CORRECTIONS HOUSE still stand as the most creative and influential individuals in the genre.” Skulls ‘N’ Bones notes, “Know How To Carry A Whip is brilliantly bleak and depressing; a modern day exorcism delivered through rage and noise that feels just right.” While Metal Nexus lauds an, “ambient-propelled, noise-tinged discordance that uses tribal drum patterning, saxophones, and other transcendental audio techniques to hypnotize listeners while the manic apocalyptic ramblings of Mike IX assail their fears and inhibitions.”

In advance of its final reveal via Neurot Recordings, Decibel Magazine today spews forth Know How To Carry A Whip in its devious entirety at THIS LOCATION.

CORRECTIONS HOUSE‘s Know How To Carry A Whip is unapologetic in its audio trauma. Featuring a guest appearance by Negative Soldier, the record finds the band – Sanford Parker (Buried At Sea) Scott Kelly (Neurosis), Bruce Lamont (Yakuza), Mike IX Williams (Eyehategod) and Seward Fairbury – at their most arduous. Each movement contained within Know How To Carry A Whip discloses a new, disconcerting air of danger, paranoia and looming defeat marked by an inexplicable sense of catharsis. Suffocating yet stimulating, oft static sodden, discordant and tribal, all twined around Williams’ unassailable manic street preacher verses and intermittently juxtaposed by the smooth, cradling sounds of Lamont’s lingering saxophone, Know How To Carry A Whip is immersed in experiences of longing and loneliness from the depths of their collectively putrefying hearts.

Know How To Carry A Whip will be released worldwide on October 23rd, 2015 via Neurot Recordings. For preorder bundles point your browser to Neurot Recordings webstore.