CONNY OCHS: “Melancholia” Single From Halle, Germany-Based Singer/Songwriter Streaming; Wahn Und Sinn LP To See Release Next Week Through Exile On Mainstream October 20th

photos by Pietro Bondi

As Halle, Germany-based singer/songwriter CONNY OCHS prepares to release his fully German-sung Wahn Und Sinn LP through his friends at Exile On Mainstream next week, the new single “Melancholia” has been issued.

Four-and-a-half years have passed since CONNY OCHS’ most recent album, Doom Folk. During the Coronavirus lockdowns, the artist had the time to go through a collection of notebooks that he had amassed during his time in Hamburg, Berlin, and while traveling as a singer in various bands. This was collected under the title Wahn Und Sinn, initially to be published independently. However, from the collaboration with Tobias Vethake aka Sicker Man at Trialogos also arose the desire and the idea to work together another time. CONNY OCHS developed rough melodies for the lyrics. The aim was to avoid the singer/songwriter approach that had previously characterized CONNY OCHS’ music. The initial experiment turned into an album whose cover, for the first time, does not feature artwork by the artist himself but a picture by Scottish artist Abi Salvesen. Here, too, a departure from his usual way of working is manifested.

Wahn Und Sinn will be released on LP with a CD included. The book will also be available as a limited edition with a bundled CD at concerts. In the Exile On Mainstream webshop, the record and book will be available individually or as a bundle. Finally, the content of the record complements the content of the book, inspired by the confrontation with the poems from the years 2000-2010. The book and the insert included with the album contain all texts in German and English. Also on the album is Conny’s longtime friend and companion Hannes Scheffler, who also handled the final production, mixing, and mastering of the record, as well as Anna Ochs as the singer on the track “Lumos.”

As an experimental excursion and reflection, Wahn Und Sinn thus forms the transition to a new chapter in CONNY OCHS’s creative work, which is to be followed by a new official album as early as Spring 2024.

OCHS reveals, “I wrote the first draft of ‘Melancholia’ years ago, during my transition into writing in English. That is why it remained on my desk untouched until this project took shape, yet it always spooked around in my head. I could never really let it go.

“I chose it as a second release for Wahn Und Sinn since it reflects on a theme that is appearing and reappearing through all my songs. The getting lost, and craving to be found, somehow, by someone or something. I find melancholy and the turbulences it brings as fascinating, hurting, and inspiring as ever, and I hope the track can shed some light on the whole album and the underlying idea that connects all the songs.

If you carefully check out the vinyl artwork, you will find a hint to another famous interpretation of the theme.”

Stream CONNY OCHS’ new song “Melancholia,” now playing at Bandcamp HERE and at all other digital services HERE.

Exile On Mainstream will release Wahn Und Sinn next Friday, October 20th. Find physical preorders HERE, digital preorders at Bandcamp HERE, and digital presaves HERE, and watch the mesmerizing “Hickhack” video HERE.

Following two glorious record release shows for Wahn Und Sinn in Dresden and Halle, CONNY OCHS is booking additional live excursions in support of the album. Expect further live announcements to post shortly and watch for new details on his next upcoming album to post early in the new year.