CONNY OCHS, ARNE HEESCH, MIGHT, and JOHANNA KOHL: Breathtaking Outdoor Live Sets From Exile On Mainstream’s Bliss Mountain Sessions Premiered Through Roadburn

Exile on Mainstream Records are no strangers either to Roadburn or support creative projects far beyond the confines of genre. They are dear friends and reliable allies in our project to redefine heaviness across styles, art forms, and more.

Bliss Mountain brings together Exile on Mainstream artists CONNY OCHS, ARNE HEESCH, and the duo MIGHT, as well as fire poi-spinning artist JOHANNA KOHL for specially filmed live sets captured at the foot of the Sassolungo and Sassopiatto massif, in Italy’s Dolomites, to pay tribute to the beauty of the mountains and creativity itself.

Amid an atmosphere distinct and separate from festivals, unfolding in a manner as organic as the grass around, these performances took place in front of locals and others who came across a “happening” more than a show, set before an invariably humbling backdrop of natural beauty complemented by human art.

Will it ever happen again? Will we know ahead of time? Hard to say. But filmed on multiple cameras on Sept. 23rd, 2022, each set is now available to stream in full. We encourage you to dig in with an open mind and open spirit. For best results, leave expectations behind.

Roadburn is hosting the Bliss Mountain sessions from CONNY OCHS, ARNE HEESCH, MIGHT, and JOHANNA KOHL; watch all four mesmerizing sets RIGHT HERE.

New albums from ARNE HEESCH and MIGHT are out now through Exile On Mainstream. Watch for new albums from CONNY OCHS and much more from the label in 2023!