COKEGOAT: Chicago Death Doom Sextet Issues Hilarious Drugs And Animals Synopsis At PureGrainAudio; Record Release Show Announced


Chicago death doom sextet COKEGOAT self-unleashed their Drugs And Animals full-length late last month digitally and on 180-gram 12″ vinyl. In celebration of its release, PureGrainAudio is currently hosting a hilarious track-by-track breakdown of the record as relayed by the band.

“From inside comes outsides,” writes the band of “Nurture.” “Voices like rungs of a ladder connect. What we have created together takes the horrible and the beautiful and births one strong floating entity. Only blood holds the bond in the end, as in the beginning. We call this one our menstrual minstrel. We’re usually pretty drunk.”

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Drugs And Animals was engineered, produced, and mixed by Andy Nelson (Weekend Nachos, Like Rats) at Bricktop Recording and mastered by Carl Saff (Unsane, Red Fang, Earthless et al) at Saff Mastering. The post/doom/death/heavy metal collective layers Jeff Wojtysiak, Ed Nudd, and Rebekah Brown on guitars, synths and vocals, while Chase Bentley, Tim Baldwin, and Jordan Schultz add mass with guitar, bass, and drums respectively.

Order Drugs And Animals via the band’s official Bandcamp page HERE.

In related news, COKEGOAT will play a special record release show later this month with additional live abrasions on the horizon. Stay alert.


12/23/2016 Beat Kitchen – Chicago, IL * Record Release Show [tickets]

In a 4/5 review of the record, Skulls ‘N’ Bones likens COKEGOAT to Mastodon, Black Tusk, and Black Crown Initiate adding, “there’s a seminal Chicago band that they seem to really be influenced by, and that’s Jesus Lizard. Metal and hard rock that comes out of Chi-town… always has a very distinct, flinty, and hard-edged sound to it. And COKEGOAT‘s vocalist has that classic David Yow scream and bellow down to a ‘T.'” Metal Riot crowned the band’s first single, “Nurture,” Song Of The Week noting, “A COKEGOAT with six members sounds like either a really dubiously legal party or some creature from the backend of bad karma-ville. As it turns out… COKEGOAT are actually a seriously bad ass project. The doomy collective return with Drugs And Animals (go figure) and a ballnew song certain to please even the most puritan of post-metal fans.” In a 9/10 rating, Abysmal Hymns champions the band’s “apocalyptic rage,” adding,” These guys perhaps do not successfully create a doom metal album, but more importantly create some heavy and angry music that has a atmosphere to it when needed.” Hellbound hails “a gloomy, eerie, atmospheric slice of post-sludge that kinda reminds of ISIS,” while Echo Eyes relays, “Though there are moments of melodic somberness which could be considered a respite–most notably in the songs ‘Quiet Tyrant,’ and ‘Nurture’–there is enough transitioning from slower drone-sludge to up-tempo fury that fully explores the many nuances and shades found in the vast levels of human anger. Anguished screams that seamlessly cross over from a traditional black metal screech to the guttural release of a death metal tone only amplify the emotional sentiment that is so expertly crafted in the music behind them.”

Drugs And Animals is a tall refreshing Long Island Ice Tea in a craft cocktail world,” elaborates the band of their latest output. “It’s trashy, it will get you fucked up, and you’ll probably wake up in a strange place needing a double dose of antibiotics. To quote producer/engineer Andy Nelson during the recording sessions, ‘This album is dense.’ Since our 2013 debut LP Vessel, countless group texts have helped COKEGOAT achieve growing friendships, razor sharp focus, mental stability, financial instability and a more advanced writing process. In other words, we are beyond stoked to get this record to your earholes.”

Founded in Chicago during the summer of 2011, COKEGOAT embraces the inherent evil of the earth and the soul. Planets dying, earth eating man, ocean birthing fear, moon swallowing heavens… 2013 saw the release of the debut album Vessel. Sludgelord gushed, “Vessel is an album of distorted chaos… chaotic, angry, brilliant, and bewitching.” New Noise concurred, “Vessels is one hell of a debut. This bitch has balls. But quickly flashes some groove… Here we have ‘three guitarists, three voices, synths, bass and drums,’ kept on a production leash that adds an urgency to the manic time changes. Which crush. The atmospheric layers are just touches. They add mood but never take center stage. This is about riffs, but COKEGOAT know where to accent their talents as well.”