CHROME WAVES Presents Recursive: Remixes Of The Rain Will Cleanse LP By Sanford Parker, Statiqbloom, Deeper Graves, Lotus Thrones, Gridfailure, Wrathchild; Track And Preorders Posted

CHROME WAVES presents Recursive – a re-envisioned version of their recently released The Rain Will Cleanse LP – featuring remixes of the album’s tracks from Sanford Parker, Statiqbloom, Deeper Graves, Lotus Thrones, Gridfailure, and Wrathchild.

The Rain Will Cleanse, CHROME WAVES’ third album, was released in September as a joint effort through Transcending Records and Disorder Recordings. Further exploring the realms of shoegaze, alternative, and non-metal influences while retaining elements of their brooding post-black metal, the album was recorded at Disorder Recordings by guitarist Jeff Wilson and at Postal Recording by Tyler Watkins who also handled mixing and mastering.

Just as The Rain Will Cleanse expanded the band’s sound, CHROME WAVES now expands the boundaries of the record with Recursive, a full re-envisioning of the record. All elements of the album’s six original tracks were outsourced to an array of the band’s allies and remixed/reinterpreted in the same order. Opening track “When Night Falls” is here remixed by ex-Wolvhammer drummer Heath Rave’s solo entity Lotus Thrones. “Sometimes” is remixed by Demeiricous and ex-CHROME WAVES drummer Dustin Boltjes’ solo project Wrathchild. “Tired” is remixed by renowned producer/composer, member of Corrections House, Mirrors For Psychic Warfare, Twilight among many others, and solo artist, Sanford Parker. “A Future” is re-envisioned by ex-Heidnik, ex-Theologian member David Brenner’s audiovisual creature Gridfailure. “Wind Blown” is reworked from inside by CHROME WAVES’ Jeff Wilson and his solo venture Deeper Graves. The album closer “Aspiring Death” is delivered through a remix by former Batillus, Inswarm, Theologian, Tombs multi-instrumentalist Fade Kainer and his project Statiqbloom.

Writes Jeff Wilson on the vision of the project, “In a time when music is consistently less important than business, we wanted to take things back a bit to the 1990s, when your band’s songs were more important than your Spotify plays. Artistry was more important than content creation. Songwriting was above social media follows. Every artist on this album has played an important part in the history of this band, whether it be a collaborator, an influence, a bandmate, or a combination of the above. This is a compilation of our influences more than an auxiliary release. These are people pertinent to our evolution and our existence. These are people more important than the ‘“metal media.’ The people make it happen.”

Deeper Graves’ reworking of “Wind Blown” is now playing at THIS LOCATION.

Wilson’s Disorder Recordings will release Recursive digitally and in a limited run of CDs on April 1st. Find preorders HERE.

Recursive Track Listing:
1. When Night Falls – Lotus Thrones Mix
2. Sometimes – Wrathchild Mix
3. Tired – Sanford Parker Mix
4. A Future – Gridfailure Mix
5. Wind Blown – Deeper Graves Mix
6. Aspiring Death – Statiqbloom Mix

CHROME WAVES is currently creating their fourth LP, and its members’ other projects Deeper Graves, Contrition, Amiensus, and more all remain active with new material in the works. Watch for updates on all to post throughout the year.