CHRCH: Noisey Streams Light Will Consume Us All From Sacramento Doom Merchants; Record To See Release This Friday Via Neurot + European Tour With Fister Underway

By Hannah Stone

This Friday marks the official unveiling of Light Will Consume Us All, the second full-length from Sacramento, California-based doom merchants CHRCH.

Vice’s music portal, Noisey, is currently streaming the record in advance of its release noting, “At its core, CHRCH stands as a beacon representing the war between dark and light that exists within the world, ourselves, and any great tale–and the ultimate triumph of the light that awaits if one is patient. Take that as a metaphor, and you’ll find the optimism that good will eventually triumph over evil. Take it literally and you’ll face the fact that, no matter what, the earth will ultimately be destroyed by the sun as the hydrogen fuel in its core depletes, forcing it to expand into an unrelenting red giant…”

Stream Light Will Consume Us All, courtesy of Noisey, at THIS LOCATION.

CHRCH‘s Light Will Consume Us All will see release on CD, vinyl, and digital formats via Neurot Recordings May 11th. For preorder bundles go to THIS LOCATION.

CHRCH is in the midst of a European tour alongside St. Louis doom cult, Fister. The journey commenced May 2nd and will make its way through fifteen cities upon its conclusion on May 16th. The band’s latest run is followed by additional US dates in June. See all confirmed dates below.

CHRCH w/ Fister [remaining dates]:
5/08/2018 Nice N Sleazy – Glasgow, UK
5/09/2018 Head Of Steam – Newcastle, UK
5/10/2018 Temple Of Boom – Leeds, UK
5/11/2018 Magasin4 – Brussels, BE
5/12/2018 Halle Am Rhein – Cologne, DE
5/13/2018 Kafe Kult – Munich, DE
5/14/2018 Freakout Club – Bologna, IT
5/15/2018 L’Usine – Geneva, CH
5/16/2018 JuHa West – Stuttgart, DE
End Tour
6/11/2018 Slidebar – Fullerton, CA w/ Body Void
6/12/2018 Garage Rock Bar – Tijuana, MX
6/13/2018 The Rogue – Phoenix, AZ w/ Body Void
6/14/2018 Fly Catcher – Tucson, AZ w/ Body Void
6/15/2018 Neon Rose – El Paso, TX w/ Body Void
6/16/2018 Austin Terror Fest – Austin, TX w/ Exhorder, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Come to Grief, Buzzov*en, more
6/17/2018 Reno’s – Dallas, TX w/ Body Void
6/18/2018 Hi Dive – Denver, CO w/ Body Void
6/19/2018 Metro Music Hall – Salt Lake City, UT

Across Light Will Consume Us All‘s three consuming tracks, CHRCH layers intricate melodies, thunderous rhythms, gargantuan riffs, and a powerful, supernatural vocal presence, performing with arresting purity and honesty. Their long-form songs build and deconstruct as the band reach sonic highs, and at times, beautiful plateaus. Indeed, Light Will Consume Us All carries with it the same quality of songwriting that caught the attention of fans worldwide on their 2015 debut, Unanswered Hymns. Building upon this foundation, the album continues CHRCH‘s narrative, traversing life’s journey of loss, reclamation and, ultimately, finding hope within the darkness. Minimalist, indulgent, or straightforward; the music of CHRCH calls the listener to inhabit it, allowing enough room for its transmutation into anything one desires of it. Light Will Consume Us All was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Patrick Hills (King Woman, Bog Oak, VRTRA) at Earthtone Studios in Sacramento, California.

“Light Will Consume Us All is driven by the fearless self-examination and move-any-mountain heft you’d expect from their hosts. But given the space to unfurl throughout its three, lengthy tracks, this is doom/sludge as psychic potholing, roving from claustrophobic crunch to dazed wonder, poking at deeply buried recesses of the heart and waking sleeping giants that lurk within…” — Metal Hammer

Their music has toed the line between this sludge-ridden doom and outright funeral doom in the past. Their debut, Unanswered Hymns, and their half of a split with Fister definitely showed that. Still, their newest effort, Light Will Consume Us All, sees the quintet teeter even further into a realm of dirge and lament.” — Metal Injection

The heavy passages – and they’re seriously heavy – are broken by protracted periods of tranquility, of mesmeric beauty, and delicate grace.” — Aural Aggravation

CHRCH rightfully cement their own place as forebearers of a new era of melodic doom.” — The Sludgelord

“If modern doom with a multifaceted and rich approach to providing huge, epic songs of crushingly emotive intensity is something you enjoy, (and why wouldn’t it be?), then Light Will Consume Us All is very definitely for you.” — Wonderbox Metal

“Bringing in quite a few more musical elements that create a much more rounded and in-depth sound for the band, CHRCH only seem to expand in their titanic beauty. The greater inclusion of male vocals in particular creates a nice counterbalance. These songs feel more fully realized and anthemic than anything the band has done before. It gives us something to sink our teeth into and stands as a fitting reminder that heavy metal can bring in so many weird and beautiful things. After all, the light will consume us all.” — Two Guys Metal Reviews

If the band’s name merely alludes to connotations of religious rites then the music fully insinuates a world of clandestine ceremonies carried out in reverb-waking halls slung with red drapes and lit by the flicker of candlelight.” — Echoes And Dust