CHILD BITE: New EP From Detroit Punk/Metal/Noise Rock Miscreants Streaming In Full At Revolver Magazine; Strange Waste To Drop Via Housecore Tomorrow

On the eve of its official unveiling via Housecore Records, today Revolver Magazine heaves forth CHILD BITE‘s Strange Waste EP in its mutinous entirety.

The latest collection of audio pandemonium from Detroit’s favorite punk/metal miscreants was self-produced at Russian Recording in Indianapolis, Indiana, and boasts a wholly bastardized hybrid of the Melvins, Dead Kennedys, Big Black and Faith No More. Ugly, anxious and perilously habit-forming, CHILD BITE‘s self-proclaimed “music for losers” continues to astound media outlets both stateside and abroad. Said American Aftermath, “The soundtrack to the greatest psychotic slasher film that never was has arrived in the form of CHILD BITE‘s new EP, Strange Waste. These Michigan punks have been making noise since around 2005 but have outdone themselves tremendously with these nine new tracks. CHILD BITE‘s sound is a mangled mash-up of noise rock and punk that comes across as something deranged yet catchy. Churning bass lines and atonal, seizure-like guitar riffs drive the band’s sonic assault and are met with the psychotic screaming/howling of Shawn Knight… If there was ever a contest to find a sound that takes early Jesus Lizard and My War-era Black Flag, combines them and tortures them for hours on end, CHILD BITE would win first prize.” Invisible Oranges concurs, “This band could go anywhere, in the best way, and also have an uncanny ability to attract non-metal listeners, if their live shows are any indicator. I’ve seen people come in from the street and pay entry to see CHILD BITE sight unseen, only to watch the arty garage band they thought they were seeing devolve into a savage grindcore outfit before their eyes – and stay put. I’m not sure I’ve seen a band with as much potential to surprise people and cross over genre boundaries since I first heard Mastodon.” Detroit Free Press notes, “CHILD BITE‘s music smashes into you, as fast as a freight train and just as heavy. The guitars are a blistering blur of nimble and gnarly tones, with the rhythm section’s raucous grooves propelling a raspy, yowling vocalist’s emphatically motor-mouthed lyrics.” Adds Chris Besinger from Minneapolis noise rock unit Stnnng, “This record is only nineteen minutes long, but it is so dense with ideas and riffs and biting, late-era Black Flag guitar solos and clanking, chugging bass lines and splattering drum blasts and yowling vocals you will be gnawing on it like gristle for months to come.”

Expands vocalist Shawn Knight of the EP overall, “We’ve always worked a bit backwards, usually booking the studio time prior to writing any of the music for any given record. It lights a fire under our collective ass, which helps with creativity. We work well with restrictions or parameters. This time we took it a step further and chose the release format [double 45 rpm vinyl] prior to writing. That’s why all of the songs on Strange Waste are so short… we wanted each of the four sides to be under five minutes long. We treated this EP like an album; ten songs stripped down to the bare essentials.”

Shred your ears right off your head with Strange Waste, now playing in full at Revolver Magazine RIGHT HERE.

And don’t forget to peep the band’s video for “Ancestral Ooze.” Written and directed by ex-Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Jeff Tuttle and featuring the Melvins’ Buzz Osborne, the clip is a tribute to the 1987 underground horror flick Street Trash and is still playing at Decibel at THIS LOCATION.

Strange Waste will be released on CD, double vinyl seven-inch and digitally via Housecore Records November 25th, 2014. Preorder your copy today at THIS LOCATION.