CATALYST: Toilet Ov Hell Premieres “Paragon Of Devastation” From French Technical Death Metal Act; A Different Painting For A New World LP Sees Release Next Week Through Non Serviam Records

photos by Mathieu Ferrera

Next week, Metz, France technical death metal quartet CATALYST will release their second album, A Different Painting For A New World, through Non Serviam Records. Toilet Ov Hell is No Clean Singing is today hosting an exclusive preview of the album’s third single, “Paragon Of Devastation.”

The original story of The Catalyst, a vital core character of the band’s concept, is here delivered through ten brand new tracks that push CATALYST’s sound to new levels of technical prowess. The hour-long A Different Painting For A New World is a diverse, enigmatic, and epic album which consumes the listener with uncompromising ferocity powerful enough to tear a hole in the sky.

The drums for A Different Painting For A New World were recorded at Boundless Productions Studio with engineers Flavien Morel and Clément Denys, performed by former drummer Paul Loup who has since been replaced by Stéphane Petit. The rest of the instruments were recorded by the band’s guitarist/vocalist Jules Kicka, bassist/backing vocalist Jefferson Brand, and guitarist/backing vocalist Florian Iochem, after which the tracks were mixed and mastered by HK Krauss at Vamacara Studio (Loudblast, Sinsaneum, Dagoba). The artistic direction of the album’s impressive cover was entrusted to Vincent Fouquet from Above Chaos (Meshuggah, Moonsorrow, Kataklysm), highlighting the battle between The Creator and The Catalyst, illustrating several tracks of the album, with photography from Mathieu Ferrera.

The band declares, “We are thrilled to present you the third and final single off our new album, ‘Paragon Of Devastation!’ Pure death metal awaits you in this track, packed with relentless riffing, bludgeoning drumming and intense growls and screams.

“The story of the Catalyst continues, with the Creator awaking from Its slumber with boiling blood, infuriated and ready to cast down the one daring to oppose Its majesty. Recollecting its might and forces, nothing will get on Its way, for It is the Paragon of Devastation.”

Toilet Ov Hell writes within their extensive review, “A heavy slab of progressive and technical mastery, brutal vocal delivery with occasional gang vocals, and a heaping helping of guitar AND bass solos. I am also quite fond of the mixing/mastering which is beautifully illustrated by those sensuous bass notes clearly audible among the furious guitar riffs and double bass drums.”

Listen to CATALYST’s “Paragon Of Devastation” first at Toilet Ov Hell RIGHT HERE.

A Different Painting For A New World will be released through Non Serviam Records next Friday, October 14th as a digipak CD including a 16-page booklet, as a gatefold 2xLP including colored vinyl, and digitally. Find preorders at  the CATALYST Bandcamp HERE and the label  webshop HERE, and watch the videos for “To Unleash Thy Heinous Fate” HERE and “Worms And Locusts” HERE.