CATALYST: No Clean Singing Premieres “Worms And Locusts” Video; A Different Painting For A New World LP By French Technical Death Metal Quartet Nears October Release On Non Serviam Records

photos by Mathieu Ferrera

As Metz, France technical death metal quartet CATALYST prepares for the October release of their second album, A Different Painting For A New World, through Non Serviam Records, No Clean Singing is today hosting an exclusive video premiere for the record’s devastating “Worms And Locusts.”

The original story of The Catalyst, a vital core character of the band’s concept, is here delivered through ten brand new tracks that push CATALYST’s sound to new levels of technical prowess. The hour-long A Different Painting For A New World is a diverse, enigmatic, and epic album which consumes the listener with uncompromising ferocity powerful enough to tear a hole in the sky.

The drums for A Different Painting For A New World were recorded at Boundless Productions Studio with engineers Flavien Morel and Clément Denys, performed by former drummer Paul Loup who has since been replaced by Stéphane Petit. The rest of the instruments were recorded by the band’s guitarist/vocalist Jules Kicka, bassist/backing vocalist Jefferson Brand, and guitarist/backing vocalist Florian Iochem, after which the tracks were mixed and mastered by HK Krauss at Vamacara Studio (Loudblast, Sinsaneum, Dagoba). The artistic direction of the album’s impressive cover was entrusted to Vincent Fouquet from Above Chaos (Meshuggah, Moonsorrow, Kataklysm), highlighting the battle between The Creator and The Catalyst, illustrating several tracks of the album, with photography from Mathieu Ferrera.

The band proclaims, “Be prepared to hear the fastest and most savage song of CATALYST’s repertoire with the track ‘Worms And Locusts!’ Made to describe the second part out of three from the album’s story, ‘Worms And Locusts’ is here to show off the brutality overwhelming humanity’s fate.

“In this chapter, the purification begins. It is the description of the onset of the purifying apocalypse settled by the nine lords. Unfold chaos and carnage, embedded in the purest shape of brutality.

Once again directed by Vincent Tournaud, ‘Worms And Locusts’ was shot at Le Gueulard Plus in France while the lights were entrusted to Thibault Groche. Most of the video was shot at 50% of the speed in order to multiply it during the editing. Thus, it creates an odd effect where musicians seem to be disarticulated while playing the hardest they can. We really wanted to work on speed and on the rhythm during the editing part of this video. The chosen colors (orange/blue) aimed to match the artwork of the album, designed by Vincent Fouquet from Above Chaos.

Kind of a simple music video, but we are really proud to show you our work on this song!”

No Clean Singing writes within their thorough dissection of the song, “this isn’t the kind of hyper-dexterous tech-death that can tend to numb the senses, but rather the kind of boisterously exuberant experience that seizes attention and holds it. Apart from the sudden rhythmic breaks and tempo changes, lots of the darting riffs and blistering drum progressions are catchy as well as eye-popping. And the harsh vocals, apart from being unhinged in their savagery, themselves create percussive grooves, especially when the whole band join together in barking the words. All of these qualities give a pleasing structure to all the explosive madness.”

Watch CATALYST’s “Worms And Locusts” video exclusively at No Clean Singing now at THIS LOCATION.

A Different Painting For A New World will be released through Non Serviam Records on October 14th as a digipak CD including a 16-page booklet, as a gatefold 2xLP including colored vinyl, and digitally. Find preorders at  the CATALYST Bandcamp HERE and the label  webshop HERE, and watch the previously issued “To Unleash Thy Heinous Fate” video HERE.

Watch for additional videos and more to be issued advancing the release of A Different Painting For A New World.