CARVED UP: Southeastern Pennsylvania Power Trio Prepares Debut LP For Fall Release Via Crowquill Records

carved up live

Southeastern Pennsylvania-based caustic power trio, CARVED UP, has completed their official debut LP, Matador, and is preparing to be let out of the cage this Fall via Crowquill Records.

With angular and jagged rocked-out hardcore structures channeled through a sludge-fueled wall of amplification, the aptly named CARVED UP produces a sound that is as cutting as it is inventive, the members slicing loose all bland fodder along the way through the independent release of several successful EPs and singles. While their intense and hook-laden sound is difficult to hammer down, amassing the members’ primary and vast common influences actually does a decent job, citing Botch, Chavez, Sunny Day Real Estate, Shiner, Gospel, Young Widows, These Arms Are Snakes, and Jawbox. It’s a cranked-up, knockdown affair, which now comes boiling over in its most mutinous form yet, with CARVED UP‘s impending debut LP, Matador.

With nearly forty-five minutes of purely adrenalized but ultra slick kicked-out jams, Matador packs ten ripping CARVED UP tunes, with walls of vocals, guitars and bass all layered in by TJ Schilling and Nick Norvilas atop the percussive cavalcade of Josh Cooper. Record recorded and mixed at Skylight Studio by Vince Ratti (Circa Survive, Title Fight, Turmoil) with additional recording by Will Yip, Brad Wallace, Sam Pinola, and John Fachet, Matador also sees guest contributions of cello, violin, and other noise by Greg Bortnichak and Erin Murphy of Teach Me Equals.

Matador will be pressed onto 140-160 gram 12″ vinyl with 150 on black and 100 on oxblood and will see release through Texas-based Crowquill Records in November. Stand by for a proper release date, preorders, audio samples and more from the beastly maiden LP from CARVED UP to be leaked in the days ahead. For now, the cover art featuring photography from Sigfrido Lopez Ferrer and the track listing have been issued.

carved up - matador

Matador Track Listing:
1. Death Remains The Same
2. The Arrangement
3. We Built Riff City
4. Riffer Phoenix
5. Hot Pocket
6. The Riffer Wild
7. Helena, Save Me
8. Crevice – Crevasse
9. Mystic Riffer
10. Ωx

Since 2010, CARVED UP has torn through the Upper East Coast performing live, mostly concentrating on their Southeastern Pennsylvania home turf heavily with the likes of regional cohorts Bardus, Secret Cutter, Cinema Cinema, Infinien, Moon Tooth, Sovereign, Die Choking, Wives, Vulturepeak, Legendary Divorce and more as well as touring bands including True Widow, Fight Amp, Full Of Hell, The Life & Times, Dysrhythmia, A Life Once Lost, Speedy Ortiz, Restorations, Gifts From Enola and many others. With regional shows constantly popping up throughout the tri-state area, CARVED UP will tour more heavily in the coming months as their Matador LP closes in.

8/14/2015 Connie’s Ric Rac – Philadelphia, PA w/ Witch Fist, Moon Tooth, Moonstriker [info]
9/19/2015 Allentown Brew Work – Allentown, PA w/ Wailin’ Storms, Seer [info]