CANVAS SOLARIS: Correct Irradiance Song Order

In a message from progressive metal troupe CANVAS SOLARIS: “Just a heads up, if you download the album online, I’ve noticed that the song order is wrong… The CD got recalled to fix this and as far as I know, almost all the CDs in circulation have the problem fixed. The names are in the right order, in that the album ends on “Null Proximity”, but the names don’t match the songs:

“Glacier” is actually “Accelerated Testing Phase”
“Accelerated” is “Threads”
“Threads” is “Soliton”
“Soliton” is “Glacier”
“Vapor Chasm” is “Null Proximity”
“Null Proximity” is “Vapor Chasm”

Once you rename, the songs should be in this order:

1. Adaptive Optics
2. Conveyance of Flux
3. The Horizon Feasts on Stars
4. Glacier
5. Accelerated Testing Phase
6. Threads of Dead Space
7. Soliton (Emergence from Dispersion)
8. Vapor Chasm
9. Null Proximity

Yes, we are instrumental so some might argue that correct song titles are useless, but we’ve spent some time on this album, and would like the song order to be at least correct!

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