BUCK SATAN AND THE 666 SHOOTERS: Full Album Streaming Via Revolver

Bikers Welcome! Ladies Drink Free , the longtime anticipated debut from BUCK SATAN AND THE 666 SHOOTERS — the country/metal alter-ego debut from Ministry’s infamous founder, Al Jourgensen — finally nears official stateside CD release via AFM Records in conjunction with DisManic via E1 Distrobution this Tuesday, January 17th. In celebration of the album’s release, the fine heathens at Revolver Magazine have hosted an in-house hellbent hoedown this week and are currently streaming the entire album.

Witness the auditory debauchery at this location.

In addition to his worldwide notoriety as the Godfather of industrial metal, the public has long been aware of Al Jourgensen’s doppelganger, Buck Satan, an idea birthed in homage to his longtime country music hero Buck Owens. Owens, just prior to his death, “blessed” Jourgensen’s country side-project BUCK SATAN AND THE 666 SHOOTERS, and now finally fully realized years later, this anticipated, apocalyptic bit of filthy modern Americana is complete, the collection of hymns dubbed Bikers Welcome! Ladies Drink Free.

Jourgensen recruited additional henchmen for the debut recordings from BUCK SATAN AND THE 666 SHOOTERS, including Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick), Tony Campos (Static-X) and Mike Scaccia (Rigor Mortis), in addition to a plethora of guest musicians bearing fiddles, cellos, pedal steel guitars, mandolins, banjos, and more to construct the album. Weighing in with over fifty minutes of high-octane “country core” depravity, Bikers Welcome! Ladies Drink Free should no doubt be a highly anticipated release for diehard Ministry/Jourgensen fans as well as anybody with a penchant for outlaw country music or raging American rock in general.