BROTHERHOOD: Till Death LP From Late 1980s Hardcore Band Nears Release Via Southern Lord

Southern Lord Recordings is about to release the classic works LP from late ’80s hardcore act, BROTHERHOOD, placing all of the influential act’s demos and 7″ releases in one remastered vinyl anthology entitled Till Death.

Having raged the West Coast from their 1987 inception to their disbanding just over two years later, BROTHERHOOD existed alongside Insted, Bl’ast, Chain Of Strength and Uniform Choice. The members of the band were all bred in the Northwest on The Accused, Poison Idea, The Melvins, and with East Coast threads born of SSD, DYS, Corrosion Of Conformity and Straight Ahead woven into their sound they created a powerful strain of straightedge hardcore in which the band conveyed their intolerance for racism, sexism and more through their lyrical basis and on-stage delivery. Their relatively short-lived run went on to inspire many of the seminal bands that have followed in hardcore and straightedge such as Undertow, Unbroken, Champion, No Tolerance and many more. Members of BROTHERHOOD have posthumously forged numerous other musical endeavors including but not limited to Christ On A Crutch, Sunny Day Real Estate, Foo Fighters, Resolution, Digh Down, Burning Witch, Engine Kid, Sunn O))) and Goatsnake.

This week, part one of an in-depth interview on the band’s history with BROTHERHOOD‘s founding member, Greg Anderson, has been published at hardcore webzine Double Cross. Read it HERE, and watch for the next installment to post shortly.

Ahead of its September 16th street date, an assortment of Till Death preorder packages have been posted. All of the original audio has been faithfully remastered by Brad Boatright, and the LP comes with a thirty-two page 7″x7″ booklet and more, packaged in a thick Stoughton tip-on single pocket jacket, the vinyl available in both Blood Red, True Blue and Seattle Seahawks colors. Order all merch/color packages HERE, and the LP alone via Revelation HERE.

Till Death Track Listing:
1. The Deal
2. Breaking The Ice
3. Stolen Mind
4. Gain
5. Three Things
6. Till Death
7. Courage
8. No Tolerance
9. Support
10. Get Involved
11. Won’t Turn Our Backs

BROTHERHOOD was founded in Seattle by Greg Anderson in 1987, who recruited former False Liberty drummer Victor Hart, friend Ken Hagel on bass and East Coast transplant and Open Your Eyes fanzine editor, John White on vocals. After years as a singer in False Liberty and Inner Strength, Greg picked up the guitar and started writing songs built upon those previously mentioned influences. Following local shows and the opportunity to open for such legends as Youth Of Today, Angry Samoans and Fugazi, BROTHERHOOD began to gain recognition on a much wider scale in the hardcore community. This initial lineup was not to last, as in 1988, Ron Guardipee Of Hateful Youth took over on vocals and Nate Mendel of Diddly Squat joined on bass. Having played many times together in their previous bands things quickly came together for this new and much more solid BROTHERHOOD lineup and in November of that year the Music Bank recording session was conducted. Debuting this new lineup on the Pushead curated Thrasher Magazine’s Skate Rock Vol. 7 compilation, the band soon also released their Of Friends demo, their No Tolerance For Ignorance 7″ on Skate Edge Records and Words Run… As Thick As Blood! 7″ on CR Records, all released in 1988 and 89. Playing throughout the Northwest as well as a North American tour with quite possibly the bands biggest influence Seattle’s The Accused, by the end of 1989 BROTHERHOOD came to an end.