BROKEN CROSS: Through Light To Night Debut LP From Swedish Cult Lo-Fi Punk Soloist Nears Release; New Track Streaming

Swedish project, BROKEN CROSS, has completed the outfit’s debut LP, Through Light To Night, and is preparing it for release in the coming weeks.

Since 2011 the solo Swedish architect who issues his unholy creations under the moniker BROKEN CROSS has infiltrated the population with an intense brew of lo-fi punk/hardcore iniquity and a caustic metallic shell, citing G.I.S.M., Septic Death, Gehenna and unquestionable devotion to Integrity. Through an impressive discography of EPs and singles to date, titles like New World Soldier, Anti-Human Life and Secret Destruction have reared their heads against humanity through independent releases, as well as part of the Holy Terror Records movement and various underworld sects.

The maiden BROKEN CROSS full-length affront now comes crushing forth as Through Light To Night. Boasting ten new anthems for the end of times, the unhinged vibe of the album’s gutter punk approach is driven with merciless divebomb guitar leads, d-beat manglings and blackened punk might, fueled by a razor-lined vocal tirade. Enshrouded in a gloomy fog of eerie effects and samples, steeping the entire concoction in a horror/sci-fi Cannibal Holocaust vibe, the perilous back-alley sensation one endures with Through Light To Night is as unholy and unnerving as it is crucially compelling. Visually portraying this rapture, the cover art and layouts for the majority of BROKEN CROSS‘ releases, including Through Light To Night, were created by Dwid Hellion (Integrity, Vermapyre, Holy Terror Records).

The second track from Through Light To Night, “Forsaken Existence,” is playing at THIS LOCATION.

Seekers of ill-omened, depraved extreme music far from the polished shores of the mainstream should pay heed to the calling of Through Light To Night. The creator of BROKEN CROSS will unveil Through Light To Night through his own Apocalyptic Visions cult on May 8th with both digital and 12″ vinyl preorders and packages now available RIGHT HERE.

Through Light To Night Track Listing:
1. Intromancy
2. Forsaken Existence
3. World Demolition
4. Total Isolation
5. Into The Fire
6. Path To Extinction
7. The Age Of Deceit
8. Open The Black Hole
9. Poison Of Insanity
10. Outrocalypse