BRAVE THE WATERS: Duo From Grey Skies Fallen And Buckshot Facelift Creates Instrumental Act; Track From Debut EP Streaming

From the intertwined throng of musicians who hail from New York acts, Grey Skies Fallen, Buckshot Facelift and others, a brand new musical entity is born with BRAVE THE WATERS, as the duo completes their debut EP for independent release this Spring.

Producing a mesmerizing, ethereal brew of beautiful, instrumental movements, far removed from the tumultuous sounds of the extreme output of their other musical creations, BRAVE THE WATERS came together when Grey Skies Fallen and Buckshot Facelift bandmates Tom Anderer (bass guitar, acoustic guitar) and Rick Habeeb (guitar) decided to write and record some instrumentals in a stripped-down fashion. Improvisation and spontaneity were important aspects going in, and while bits and pieces of music were composed prior to entering Keith Moore’s since burned-down Audio Playground Studio, the vast majority of what appears on the band’s six-song debut EP, Chapter 1 – Dawn of Days, was written and recorded on the spot.

Containing six tracks of ambient guitar and bass that you will find very different from the duo’s main bands, BRAVE THE WATERSChapter 1 – Dawn of Days sees pounding drums, intense death metal vocals, and immense guitar distortion completely abandoned, and here replaced with clean guitars, melodic bass lines, and a healthy dose of Strymon’s amazing Big Sky reverberator. Just in time for the Winter’s thaw, these winding passages inspire visions of lush nature and rebirth. Reminiscent of several styles at once, yet emerging as its own being, Chapter 1 – Dawn of Days is immediately comforting, almost familiar release.

BRAVE THE WATERS will release Chapter 1 – Dawn of Days independently through Bandcamp on May 12th, and in advance, the track listing, cover art by Travis Smith (Death, Opeth, King Diamond) and the EP’s fourth song, “Journey Through Highwood Forest,” have been revealed.

Check it all out RIGHT HERE.

Anderer and Habeeb plan on continuing the BRAVE THE WATERS project with yearly releases and physical versions following the initial digital releases of their works. More info on Chapter 1 – Dawn of Days will follow in the coming days.

Live performances from BRAVE THE WATERS are likely in the future as well, but in the meantime, the duo continues to scorch the masses with Buckshot Facelift and Grey Skies Fallen, with both bands currently booking new shows and creating new material.

Chapter 1 – Dawn of Days Track Listing:
1. The New King
2. Interesting Times
3. Voice of the Ancient Oak
4. Journey Through Highwood Forest
5. Setting Up Camp
6. At the Old Stone Bridge