BRAINOIL: Decibel Magazine Streams Singularity To Extinction Full-Length From Oakland Sludge Trio In Its Entirety; Record To Drop Tomorrow Via Tankcrimes

“Describing Singularity To Extinction as misanthropic would be an understatement; abrasive guitar tones and vocals combined with glacially slow tempos put BRAINOIL‘s latest in the same league as Dystopia, Grief, and Noothgrush.” — Decibel Magazine

The Oakland sludge alchemists in BRAINOIL — featuring current and past members of Deathgrave, Laudanum, Graves At Sea, Stormcrow, Grimple, and Watch Them Die, among others — will drop their imminent new full-length Singularity To Extinction tomorrow via Tankcrimes.

In advance of its release, Decibel Magazine is offering up an exclusive stream of the record noting, “Singularity To Extinction is swathed — or maybe drowned is a better descriptor — in raw, abrasive crust. Walls of guitar backed by sluggish drumming wash over the listener and Greg Wilkinson barks out vocal lines like he wants to cough up blood at the end of a recording session. Describing Singularity To Extinction as misanthropic would be an understatement; abrasive guitar tones and vocals combined with glacially slow tempos put BRAINOIL‘s latest in the same league as Dystopia, Grief, and Noothgrush.”

Play it loud, only at Decibel, at THIS LOCATION.

Their first output since 2011’s punishing Death Of This Dry Season full-length, the long-anticipated Singularity To Extinction was captured at Earhammer Studios by bassist/vocalist Greg Wilkinson (Deathgrave, ex-Laudanum, ex-Graves At Sea), mastered at Audisiege by Brad Boatright (Tragedy, Necrot), and offers up seven ravenous hymns of gnarly audio antagonism all swathed in the apocalyptic cover art of John Santos (Torche, Neurosis, Irata, Noisear). Infusing their signature sludge with unorthodox time signatures, Singularity To Extinction stands as BRAINOIL‘s fastest, crustiest, and most monolithic offering to date.

BRAINOIL‘s Singularity To Extinction, will be available on CD, limited LP (150 – splatter; 350 – smoke housed in metallic foil case wrapped jacket – it shines!), and digital formats October 19th via Tankcrimes.

For CD preorders go to THIS LOCATION where the record can be nabbed for a cool $6.66 for a limited time. For vinyl go HERE and for digital purchases, go HERE.

BRAINOIL will kick off their first-ever tour of Japan alongside Nagoya grind faction Black Ganion this Saturday. See all confirmed dates below.

BRAINOIL w/ Black Ganion:
10/20/2018 El Puente – Yokohama, JP
10/21/2018 Earthdom – Tokyo, JP
10/22/2018 B-One – Gifu, JP
10/23/2017 Club Chaos – Mie, JP
10/24/2018 Socrates – Kyoto, JP
10/25/2018 Pepperland – Okayama, JP
10/26/2018 Conquest – Hiroshima, JP
10/27/2018 Hokage – Osaka, JP
10/28/2018 Club Quattro – Nagoya, JP

In 1998, Greg Wilkinson (Deathgrave, ex-Laudanum, ex-Graves At Sea) began playing shows with a drum machine, bass, and circuit-bent noise generators while singing under the moniker MrBrainoil. The vision was to have a noisy sludge rock band fused with crust and hardcore music. By early 2000, Nathan Smith (ex-Destroy!, ex- Nigel Peppercock, ex-Stormcrow) joined on guitar followed by Ira Harris (ex-Grimple, ex-Watch Them Die) who was recruited to the drum position later that year. The band changed its name to BRAINOIL.

BRAINOIL would go on to twist its music into a more straight forward sludge/crust sound, usually dabbling in odd time signatures, while ditching the noise aspects. The band released one demo cassette before going on to rampage their way through West Coast venues. Splits with Cruevo and Iron Lung soon followed. In 2003, BRAINOIL unleashed their now-iconic self-titled debut full-length, released via Life Is Abuse in the US and Throne Records in Spain. More shows would ensue.

By 2005 however, BRAINOIL coiled up to work on other projects, performing locally on occasion, until 2009 when schedules shifted and shows became more frequent. BRAINOIL suddenly reared its maniacal head again, sharing stages with the likes of Ghoul, Eyehategod, Cannabis Corpse, Municipal Waste, Deviated Instinct, Buzzo*ven, Doom, Dropdead, Rorschach and many more.

The band’s second full-length, Death Of This Dry Season, was released in 2011 on 20 Buck Spin (LP, digital) and Tankcrimes (tape, CD) effectively making the statement: “We are back!” The music was equally heavy while bringing a notably faster, crustier flavor to the proceedings. The seven years to follow were dedicated to shows, tours, and composing the sonic savagery that comprises this year’s Singularity To Extinction.

“Formed 20 years ago, BRAINOIL exemplifies what sludge and doom meant during its original creation – misanthropic, hateful, unrelenting and, without fail, totally and completely brutal.” – Revolver

“You don’t have to be a sludge freak, stoner or degenerate to enjoy Singularity To Extinction. Admittedly, it wouldn’t hurt if you were any or all of those things, but all you really need is an undying love of The Riff and The Haymaker, plus the grimy grit that often comes packaged with that particular twosome. Ultimately, Singularity To Extinction represents BRAINOIL doing what BRAINOIL does best: slay with sludge.” — Last Rites

“Singularity To Extinction swoops in to kick in your face and make sure you didn’t forget why BRAINOIL have come to be so revered within the heavy music community. Unapologetically heavy and constantly leaning into the next sonic twist, this is brutal music for a bastard race.” — Two Guys Metal Reviews

“From the cosmic black-and-white world eater cover art to the heavy pre-The IVth Crusade death metal snort applied to this new sound, I was an immediate fan of Singularity To Extinction. No longer easily compared to Eyehategod or Iron Monkey… BRAINOIL achieve greater distinction and dynamics by pulling in old school death metal and enthused grindcore/punk influences to amplify their classic sludge metal sound.” — Grizzly Butts