BORTS MINORTS + HUG VICTIM: BrooklynVegan Premieres “Horned God (Give Me The Strength)” Video From Experimental Pop Collaboration; Brut! Debut Nears Release Via Nefarious Industries

BrooklynVegan is hosting the exclusive premiere for “Horned God (Give Me The Strength),” a new video/single from BORTS MINORTS + HUG VICTIM’s Brut!, nearing release late this month through Nefarious Industries.

Two veterans of weird and brothers from another mother, BORTS MINORTS (Arizona-based Christopher Carlone) and HUG VICTIM (NYC-based Timo Ellis of Netherlands) come together to create a blistering eight-song eargasm of insanity simply titled Brut!, named affectionately after the 1970s aftershave cologne of the same name. The results are an enchanting and punishing sonic assault of PCP induced anthems that will leave the listener wondering, “… um, what the hell just happened?”

With the sensory overload of “Horned God (Give Me The Strength),” Ellis offers, “For me, the song evokes an epic sea journey; Vikings sailing out of Valhalla, suddenly mutating into Christopher Cross on his (famed) sailboat, then eventually running aground…in the outdoor bar of a low budget beach Holiday Inn. In other words, this song has something for everyone.”

Carlone adds, “For me, this song was partially inspired by my mother who when frustrated would say, ‘dear god give me the strength.’ I decided to change it to ‘Horned god give me the strength,’ summoning the power of the ancient Celtic god Cernunnos who was the lord of all things wild, the lord of poetry and dance of all creatures of the Forrest. The verses of this song are actually sung in Elvish.”

Get your BORTS MINORTS + HUG VICTIM audiovisual exorcism with “Horned God (Give Me The Strength)” at BrooklynVegan RIGHT HERE.

Nefarious Industries will release BORTS MINORTS and HUG VICTIM’s Brut! digitally on February 25th. Find links to all digital providers and more at the label landing page where the previously issued “Fuckball Johnson” video is playing HERE.

Additional videos and audio from this deliriously engaging record will follow over the weeks ahead.

Born into his 63rd life in 2006, BORTS MINORTS creator Christopher Carlone has lived in San Francisco, New York City, and Los Angeles. With two nominations from the SF Weekly for Best Experimental Music among additional loads of glowing press, BORTS MINORTS and his vast arsenal of spandex jumpsuits, musicians, dancers, and homemade instruments ecstatically blend the absolute weirdest structured chaotic musical concepts of The Residents, with the spirit and over the top showmanship of rock legends like David Lee Roth and Iggy Pop.

The mastermind behind HUG VICTIM is none other than vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Timo Ellis, who has appeared on almost one hundred albums in total over the past twenty years. Outside of his own band Netherlands, he has recorded and toured with such artists as Yoko Ono, Cibo Matto, Sean Lennon, Joan As Police Woman, and Spacehog, and has variously performed and collaborated with Mark Ronson, John Zorn, The Melvins, Ween, The Lemonheads, Money Mark, White Hills, and Gibby Haynes. Traversing the realms of rock, metal, funk, soul, and beyond, Ellis’ diverse music is unified by a few constants: impeccable songcraft, blazing technique, quirky experimentalism, and sheer intensity. His solo works have been described with phrases like, “an absolute, burning blur of a song” (CMJ), “overridden-in-the-red propulsion” (Noisey), and “gritty, high energy… rambunctious” (BrooklynVegan).

Coalescing their imaginative expulsions, these two artists present their collaborative album Brut!, and while the album’s eight face-melting jams confuse the listener in barely twelve minutes, more action transpires in that dense span than most albums thrice as long. Carlone provides vocals, drums, keyboards, guitar, pedals, skibass, stumptar, penny whistle, and samples, while Ellis delivers guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, and samples. The record was produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ellis at Shame Party Studios in Brooklyn and completed with cover art by Erica Flannes.