BONE SICKNESS Roasts The West Coast; Alone In The Grave Tour Begins Today

Olympia, Washington’s rancid pallbearers BONE SICKNESS today embark on their ultra-D.I.Y. Western US tour in support of their debut 12″, Alone In The Grave, unearthed by 20 Buck Spin in April. With several show confirmations still being locked down, today the grim Haunting The Grave 2013 caravan begins with a hometown show and then traverses south through California, Nevada, Texas and more before looping back to their gruesome origin, sharing the stage with Rude for the trek. Everyone in the path of this procession should be wary for updates as the murkier details of this brutal venture are confirmed. Check out the tour poster by JDecker alongside live footage of the BONE SICKNESS brigade, a full stream of Alone In The Grave and more below.

BONE SICKNESS recalls some of the earliest and most savage days of death, grind and punk into a beastly and belittling American death metal. Their debut 12″, Alone In The Grave, unleashes a maelstrom of breakneck intensity in the tradition of Repulsion, Autopsy, early Napalm Death, Infest, Despise You and others, aborting seven tracks in under twenty minutes. Ghastly, unbelievably-detailed cover art for the release was executed by the sick mind of Chips & Beer Mag’s in-house illustrator Hand Of Beaver.

BONE SICKNESS Haunting The Grave 2013:
7/26/2013 Track House – Olympia, WA w/ Warpvomit
7/27/2013 Red Room – Portland, OR w/ Cemetery Lust, Witchvomit
7/28/2013 Mex-N-Wow – Arcata, CA
7/29/2013 Continental Club – Oakland, CA w/ Limbs, Dead Man
7/30/2013 TBA – Reno, etc.
7/31/2013 Whiskey Funeral Co. – Las Vegas, NV w/ Crucify The Enslaved, Sinful Serpent
8/02/2013 TBA – San Antonio, TX w/ P.L.F.
8/03/2013 Red 7 – Austin, TX w/ Communion
8/04/2013 Blacklist Collective – Phoenix, AZ w/ Skinfather
8/05/2013 The Yard – San Diego, CA
8/06/2013 The 5 Star Bar – Los Angeles, CA w/ Ascended Dead, Morfin, Bestial Slaughter
8/07/2013 TBA – San Jose, CA
8/09/2013 TBA – Oakland, CA
8/10/2013 TBA – Eugene, OR
8/11/2013 TBA – Seattle, WA

“…largely the Olympia, WA quartet avoid the customs charges on importing the Stockholm sound wholesale in favor of homespun frights… whatever you were doing before pressing play seems a distant memory, just lost, swallowed in Bone Sickness’s impenetrable riff-fog. 8/10” – Decibel

“…plodding, churning death metal gives way to dirty d-beat tempos while deranged barks from vocalist Sam Osborne… scrape paint off the walls.” – Pitchfork

“Although the band’s raw, punky brand of death metal is heavily influenced by Repulsion, Autopsy and Master they nonetheless bring a refreshingly unique touch to the table, putting the listener at the mercy of sudden tempo changes, pummeling rhythms, and insidious guitar harmonies. 4.5/5” – New Noise Magazine

“…ugly, oldschool grinding death metal that flails furiously for the majority of its run, but also takes the time to occasionally pump the brakes to make sure the treads maintain a firm grip on your face. 8/10” – Last Rites

“Bone Sickness plays some of the filthiest and fastest death metal on the planet, with some of the most unclean solos you’ll hear in 2013. 4/5” – Full Metal Attorney

“There isn’t a weak track on this album and even nominal fans of death metal should find themselves ready to rage when it’s all said and done.” – Metal Insider