BLODHEMN: Second Full-Length From Norwegian Black Metal Project Released Stateside Via Indie Recordings

One-man Norwegian black metal project, BLODHEMN, is pleased to spew forth its sophomore full-length, H7, upon unsuspecting ears. Led by one Invisus, H7 follows the critical accolades of his Brenn Alle Bruer EP and Holmengraa debut.

Carrying on the maniacal blend of no-nonsense thrash and high-octane heavy metal with traditional old-school black metal grimness, with H7, BLODHEMN is as vehement and aggressive as ever, yet on a much more grandiose scale. H7‘s grisly assault of fast, blasting riffs are contrasted with lengthier, melancholic melodies and raw, salted wounds akin to the sounds of an ocean after a storm; serene yet ravaged, aching and sad.

Not to be outdone by the music, the lyrics on H7 are as complex as the blistering melodies they rest upon. Where tracks like “Flammens Virke” and “Slettet av Tid” disgorge blasphemous bile and ravenous anger, “Evig Heder” and “Veiten 3” tell of recent Norwegian history of war and of those who defended their country at all costs. “The H7 monogram is used by BLODHEMN as a symbol of Norwegian patriotism,” reveals Invisus, “an homage to late heroes and the hardship they had to endure. This, as well as the traditional tropes of black metal, take a large part in creating that trademark Norwegian grimness, lyrically. But my love for the west coast of my country, with its capricious weather and its grey, barren landscapes are a source of inspiration I always return to, be it words or music.” Just listen to closing track, “Holmengraa,” about the unforgiving treachery of the North Sea and the often brutal consequences for those who dare it for proof; the majesty of its riffs are outdone only by the viciousness of its subject matter. A new chapter in black metal is here and BLODHEMN is ready to defend it with sharpened teeth!

H7 Track Listing:
1. Flammenes Virke
2. Slettet Av Tid
3. Evig Heder
4. Veiten 3
5. Ã…ndenes Ansikt
6. Fandesvenn
7. Holmengraa

Invisus – All studio instruments and vocals
Dan – live drums
Hauk – live bass
Ã…nneland – live guitar

BLODHEMN’s H7 is available in North America digitally via Indie Recordings. Order yours today at THIS LOCATION.

“The strong melodic dynamic undercurrent of the album effectively precludes things from getting overly grim–so fans of Strid and old Darkthrone better look elsewhere for their kicks–but if you fancy vibrant riff-driven black metal delivered with an almost punkish insistency then H7 should be acquired in all haste. It’s sticks to the basics but it does so extremely fucking well.” – Metal Observer

“…a fine piece of art! All grimmy and epic, mixing thrash with black metal, the old school way, H7 stands out for its rawness, blasting riffs and fast pace. Melancholy and underground melodies are there to help knit the atmosphere.” – Crowsnbones