BLK OPS And CAVE BASTARD: Both Working On New Albums In Wake Of Split LP Out Now Through Accident Prone


In the wake of their newly-unleashed split LP through Accident Prone Records, Austin-based BLK OPS and San Diego’s CAVE BASTARD are both independently working on new LPs for release in 2018.

The BLK OPS / CAVE BASTARD split, delivering four tracks from each band, boasts a dominating pairing of extreme acts, unloads a barrage of purely devastating grinding, explosive and experimental mayhem, and is one of the year’s most explosive head-to-head pairings of extreme metal acts to keep an eye on into the new year.

Decibel Magazine issues, “The split LP from BLK OPS and CAVE BASTARD is eight tracks of extreme mayhem. Combining grindcore, traces of death metal, noise and other extreme ingredients they could find, the split sees both bands playing high-speed brutalizers in addition to slower, almost doomed-out tracks.” Transcending Obscurity offers in part, “Both sides of this split comprise short, adrenaline-surging jolts that are end-capped with lengthy, punishing songs. But that’s where the similarities end – both BLK OPS and CAVE BASTARD deliver different doses that affect your listening experience in ways you don’t quite expect. Nine Circles posted, “Splits are great. The chance to hear a few tracks from some amazing bands on the same album is something to treasure. Which is exactly how this split between Texas-based BLK OPS and California’s CAVE BASTARD hit me on the first listen and now, several spins in, I’m even more amazed… BLK OPS do more to show what they are capable of in roughly thirteen minutes than some bands do on a full album’s worth of material… CAVE BASTARD hit the ground running with four successive tracks of pounding fury. The grooves here are fast but extremely muscular, recalling High On Fire with ease but nastier.”

The BLK OPS / CAVE BASTARD is out now through Accident Prone on all digital platforms and an initial LP run of 300 copies – 200 on black vinyl and 100 on blue/orange vinyl; find order options at the label’s webstore HERE and Bandcamp HERE.

Stand by for updates from both bands as they each work on their respective upcoming full-length releases, new tour dates, and more throughout the coming months.

BLK OPS formed from the magma of the Austin, Texas metal scene in late 2015, comprised of Champ Morgan (ex-Kill The Client) on vocals, noise, and theremin, Mark Key on guitars and backing vocals, and Neil Barrett on drums, samples, and live visuals. Forging a path to a terrifying new sonic landscape drawing from noise metal, doom, grind, and otherworldly audiovisual hallucinations, the trio has already shared bills with the likes of High on Fire, Full Of Hell, The Body, Cattle Decapitation, Infest, Sumac, Yautja, and Magrudergrind. BLK OPS‘ side of the record was recorded and mixed by Travis Bonner (Venomous Maximus, Ancient VVisdom).

From beneath the slabs of the subterranean suburbs of San Diego emerges society’s scum: CAVE BASTARD. Heavy, apocalyptic, and loud, the band was formed in 2014 by Troy Oftedal (ex-Cattle Decapitation, Piglife) and Nick Padron (ex-Bridge Jumper) out of a love for everything heavy and loud. They proceeded to search out the rest of the bastards needed to execute their vision of sonic devastation, soon adding rhythm guitarist Chase Ferguson (ex-Bridge Jumper), vocalist Steve Pearce (Gutrot, Ritual Torture), and drummer Steven Reed (Age Of Collapse). The band began writing and honing their tone creating a massively destructive soundscape in preparation for the coming of The Bastard. CAVE BASTARD‘s side of the split was recorded in San Diego at Audio Design, engineered and mixed by Billy Anderson and assistant engineer Jordan Andreen, produced by the band and Billy Anderson, and mastered at Trakworx by Justin Weiss.

BLK OPS promo 2017 [photo by Nathan Daughdrill][BLK OPS photo by Nathan Daughdrill]

CAVE BASTARD promo 2 [photo by Cari Veach][CAVE BASTARD photo by Cari Veach]