BLIGHT HOUSE: Nefarious Industries To Release Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre By Rhode Island-Based Bizarre Death Duo; Lead Track Debuted At Svbterranean

Nefarious Industries presents Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre, the second album from bizarre Rhode Island-based gore/death duo, BLIGHT HOUSE. The curmudgeon tones of the record’s lead track, “Summer Camp Sex Party,” has been dragged from the cellar and put on public display through a Svbterranean premiere.

Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre was recorded and mixed by F.O. Gorey at Great Swamp, Rhode Island, mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering in New Jersey, and completed with art and layout by Andrew Grant.

The BLIGHT HOUSE crew discloses of the new album’s grotesque lead track, “Grab your sunscreen and your machete! Everyone needs summer jams, even filthy metal heads. This summer comes Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre featuring ten slamming jams to ruin the good times. The party starts now with the semi-title track, ‘Summer Camp Sex Party.’ Come to camp in the Ocean State! Grab some lube and pitch a tent. Or not. You probably won’t survive the first night.”

Svbterranean dubs the album, “ten new tracks of gore-soaked, disemboweling death metal that shreds and slams.”

Get slammed with BLIGHT HOUSE’s Summer Camp Sex Party at Svbterranean HERE.

Summer Camp Sex Party will be issued on CD and digital via Nefarious Industries on Friday, August 3rd; find preorders at Bandcamp HERE and the label shop HERE.

BLIGHT HOUSE formed in the swamps of Southern Rhode Island in 2014 when Frank Owen Gorey took ill with a fever in the height of the summer heat. Quarantined to a dark, clammy, moldering basement, he shredded his guitar through waves of febrile dementia, for days on end, until the fever broke. Emerging from confinement and reviewing the odious audio left behind, he called upon his colleague Frank Lloyd Blight to lend a disgusting, phlegmatic layer to the disorienting, spasmodic riffs Gorey had spewed during his subterranean convalescence. The result was BLIGHT HOUSE‘s first, self-released, self-titled album of grinding death metal.

Neither of the Franks is well, and through subsequent years of unspeakable suffering they continued to bleed, blast, blister, and blaspheme through more recordings, refining their take on extreme heavy metal. Continuing BLIGHT HOUSE‘s fixations on themes including horror, wrestling, the occult, and love, Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre offers ten tracks rife with earworms as bountiful as maggots on road-kill. Layers of monstrous vocals, disturbing samples, and swarming, occasionally melodic riffs make each track memorable in its own right while presenting an overall aesthetic of insanity, terror, and senseless, all-consuming rage.

Summer Camp Sex Party Track Listing:
1. Summer Camp Sex Party
2. Moms Away
3. Acephalophilia II – The Decollation
4. You Deserve This
5. The Warriors Have Come
6. Immaculate Rejection
7. Decrepit Phallic Monuments
8. Feeding Time
9. Follow Your Leader (Kill Yourself)
10. Pray the Slay Away