BLAZAR: Decibel Magazine Streams Fatal Cosmic Wound From Iberian Sludge/Funeral Doom Outfit; Debut Full-Length To Drop Tomorrow Via Carbonized Records

Photo by Pua Castellano Rodriguez

Decibel Magazine is currently streaming Fatal Cosmic Wound, the debut full-length from Iberian sludge/funeral doom outfit BLAZAR. The premiere comes on the eve of the record’s official release this Friday, March 1st via Carbonized Records.

Formed in 2016 by members of Phobonoid, Cruz, and Osserp, BLAZAR is a cosmic entity based in Barcelona, Spain. Fittingly named, in space, the term “blazar” refers to a type of active galactic nucleus with a jet composed of ionized matter traveling at nearly the speed of light. Blazars are among the brightest and most energetic objects in the sky. The band’s lyrical concepts are centered on the vastness and indifference of the cosmos, while their music is focused on Goliathan atmospheres, soul-crushing riffs, sinister melodies, ethereal passages, screams, and electronic interferences. BLAZAR released their debut EP, Phase Omega, in 2017, followed by two split albums with God’s Funeral and Tort, respectively.

Writes Decibel, “Fatal Cosmic Wound contains four main tracks, as well as three others that serve as an introduction, interlude and outro. Thematically focused on the vast, indifferent nature of space, their sparse, atmosphere-heavy songwriting matches the same feeling of cosmic loneliness. Every song on Fatal Cosmic Wound is heavy on the melancholy vibes; if ‘My Dying Bride but slower’ is an appealing pitch, do yourself a favor and check out this full stream of BLAZAR’s full-length debut right now.”

Stream BLAZAR’s Fatal Cosmic Wound, exclusively at Decibel, HERE.

Watch BLAZAR’s previously released video for first single, “Beyond The Event Horizon,” HERE.

Fatal Cosmic Wound was recorded and mixed by vocalist/guitarist M.S. with the help of Aleix Archs (drum recording) and mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, ISIS) with original artwork by Harrison Morrall. The record will be released on CD, LP, cassette, and digital formats.

Find preorders at the Carbonized Records US webshop HERE, EU webshop HERE, or Bandcamp HERE.

Fans of My Dying Bride, Hell, and Burning Witch, pay heed.

M.S. – vocals, guitar, synths
J.M. – bass, modular
I.R. – guitar
B.C. – drums