BLACKOUT: NYC Doom Dealers Level The Masses With We Are Here; Band To Play Special Record Release Riff Ritual This Evening

In celebration of the official unveiling of their We Are Here debut, New York City’s favorite psychedelic doom dealers, BLACKOUT, will play a special record release riff ritual this evening at the Acheron in Brooklyn. The band will be joined by Hector’s Pets, Balam and Jovian Drifts. Area residents, get ready to rumble!

10/25/2013 The Acheron – Brooklyn, NY w/ Hector’s Pets, Balam, Jovian Drifts

Recorded at Vacation Island Studio with engineer/producer Rob Laakso (Diamond Nights, Swirlies, Kurt Vile), We Are Here instantly crushes with its inexorable riff worship, crushing rhythms and swirling depth. When speaking of the track “Anchor” specifically, Pitchfork champions the band’s, “endless dirge of huge, all-encompassing, impossibly fuzz-ridden heavy psych riffs.” Adds Heavy Planet of the record overall, “Loaded with screeches, twitches, and six hits of heady fuzz, We Are Here moves between massive sludge rhythms, ashy stoner passages, and sparse pockets of simplified doom. Present throughout is a rubbery weirdness, a sporadic psychedelia that sways as much as it stomps. The sound is true and solid, evidenced by the band’s approach.” Mister Growl commends the trio for, “creating music so massive you can’t fathom its source,” The Obelisk gushes, “[BLACKOUT] show up with big riffs, big stomp, and underpinnings of quirk that give their unabashed tonal weight a sense that’s both lighthearted in not taking itself too seriously and a huge part of what makes the album overall so effective. Copping influence from stoner heavyweights like the Melvins and Sleep – easy comparisons to make, but true all the same – BLACKOUT might read on the surface like Riffy Brand X, but there’s more to We are Here than sonic redundancies and tonal largesse,” while The Sludgelord notes, “The gritty and sludge driven doom with its psyched out blanket wrapped around it will turn your brain into a drunken hazy mush of grey matter but in a very good way. The unpolished sound is fitting and there’s no noise cancelling or other filters and tweaks cleaning up the sound on We Are Here. Just plug your instruments in and turn the amps up as high as you can and start playing riffs that are crushing in slowness and beat the drums like there’s no tomorrow.”

Order your copy of We Are Here TODAY via the band’s official BandCamp page.

With food, beer and America at the forefront, it only makes sense guitar player/vocalist Christian Gordy and drummer Taryn Waldman would meet at Gordy’s 2011 July 4th cookout in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Waldman, a former Hooter’s waitress turned big time commercial film editor, and Gordy, a one-legged bartender/artist/BBQ enthusiast were an oddball couple for NY’s heavily-styled metal scene. The duo began rapidly banging out monolithic snail-paced riffs that could party as much as they could crush. BLACKOUT – referring to blackout drunk, the absence of light, or a mobster hit on an entire family – was the only appropriate title for the band. With a three-song demo recorded at the now defunct Headgear Studios in the bag, Waldman set out on the task of stalking and acquiring drum wizard Justin Sherrel for the bass position. The sound filled out and quickly grew like Chuck Berry’s mustache. Now with Sherrel’s nitty-gritty, rhythm-heavy mud beneath an electrical tide of riffs and explosions, the mighty river of sludge was primed to lurch forward.