BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS Let Loose New Noise Via Brooklyn Vegan

As Negative Black, the monolithic third LP from Germany’s BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS oozes towards North American release, the band today proudly drops the third track from the album on the public today. Witness the sheer aural pulverization of this band through one of the “shorter songs on the album,” by streaming the near-eight-minute-long “60WV” AT BROOKLYN VEGAN.

Recently the band released the album’s second track “400H” which can still be streamed VIA TERRORIZER.

Having just returned from a successful tour of Germany, BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS will continue to book new events throughout Europe and beyond in the months ahead in support of Negative Black. Footage of the band performing the track “14D” from the new album live in Athens can be viewed below.

Set for North American release on June 5th, the band’s first release for the eclectic Exile On Mainstream label, Negative Black surges with nearly eighty minutes of mammoth, slow-motion BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS sludge/doom savagery. Recorded at the mighty Tonmeisterei Studio, Negative Black — an album four years in the making — marks a new step for the band, carving a path into their foreseeable future. While the outfit already bears the reputation for unfurling some of the most destructive but still coherently-flowing sludge metal available, incorporating outside elements of crust, black metal and soundscape persuasion at times, Negative Black surges to even deeper caverns of auditory obliteration, pummeling you with painfully slow doom and finishing you off with acrid, harsh drones, and giving down-tempo a whole new meaning.