BISON MACHINE: Heavy Blog Is Heavy Debuts New Track From Michigan Fuzz Rock Unit; Seas Of Titan Full-Length To See Release Via Small Stone

“…the entire album feels like a ride around an interstellar roller-coaster, hitting us with riff after riff.” — Heavy Blog Is Heavy

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Heavy Blog Is Heavy is currently streaming “Electric Eliminator” from Michigan fuzz rock unit BISON MACHINE. The riff-raging track comes courtesy of the band’s impending Seas Of Titan full-length set for release this fall via Small Stone.

Comments the band, “‘Electric Eliminator’ is sort of a reimagining of The Warriors in space while borrowing some of the movie’s alliteration. The whole album has some recurring themes, not necessarily a concept album, but definitely carrying a cohesiveness between tracks and some similar characters. We were trying to render a sonic picture akin to Robert McCall’s painted visions of the future through an eye from the past.”

Adds Heavy Blog Is Heavy, “…on Seas of Titan [BISON MACHINE] channels this over-the-top early ’70s vibe both in their aesthetic and in their music… the entire album feels like a ride around an interstellar roller-coaster, hitting us with riff after riff… The guitars are just full of this uncontainable energy… not to mention the numerous bridges and solos scattered throughout. The galloping riff on the bass and the agile drumming is what ties everything together, grounding the guitars and lending the track its supple-yet-stable structure.”

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Progressive and intense, the eight smoking tracks that comprise Seas Of Titan find BISON MACHINE melding the best of classic heavy rock a la Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Captain Beyond, and MC5 with a forward-thinking style that is as much class as it is likely to show up in a loincloth. Rooted now in Hamtramck, Michigan, the band are hungry to the point of starving and bring a spirit to their latest work that serves to remind why they made guitars electric in the first place. Seas Of Titan was recorded by Al Sutton (Five Horse Johnson, Don Cabellero) and Steve Lehane (Sasquatch, Luder, The Black Dahlia Murder) at Rustbelt Studios, mastered by Chris Goosman (La Chinga, Gozu, Acid King, The Glasspack) at Baseline Audio Labs and features artwork by Alan Forbes (The Black Crowes, Lucifer, Earthless, Ghost). Wrote Live In Michigan of the group’s output, “The music of BISON MACHINE moves from sweaty fist pumping riffs to grooves full of trippy bliss.” Fans of Kadavar, Graveyard, Blues Pills, and the like, pay heed.

BISON MACHINE’s Seas Of Titan will be released September 27th on CD and digitally via Small Stone. A limited-edition vinyl edition will also be released through Kozmik Artifactz in conjunction with Small Stone. Preorders are available at the label’s Bandcamp page at THIS LOCATION where first single, “The Tower,” can be streamed.

Since 2010, BISON MACHINE has been plying their trade in the dank, vinyl-smelling basements of Detroit, Michigan, the birthplace of a rock tradition for brashness and all-in physicality to music that the group lovingly upholds. Seas Of Titan is the band’s first album for Small Stone and a record years in the making. Since getting their start in early 2015 with the critically-lauded Hoarfrost, the four-piece have spent time putting out material in drips and drabs – a video here, a split there – all the while honing their craft on stages throughout the greater Midwest and beyond. This has all been in the name of chipping away at the marble that would become an awaited sophomore outing; a long-player from a band whose reputation already precedes them among the converted and who leave nothing unsaid in their sweating-blood approach to rock and roll.

Casey O’Ryan – guitar
Anthony Franchina – bass, moog
Breck Crandell – drums, percussion
Tom Stec – vocals