BISON: “Anti War” Video From Vancouver Sludge Unit Playing At Treble; You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient Out Now On Pelagic Records


Today, Vancouver sludge practitioners BISON are pleased to unveil the visual accompaniment to “Anti War” from their recently-issued You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient full-length via Treble.

Adds Treble, “The clip features close-up shots of a map, tour footage, rehearsal space shenanigans, natural landscapes, and some bits and pieces of lyrics. Plus the song itself rocks super hard, with some big, meaty riffs.”

View “Anti War,” now playing at Treble, at THIS LOCATION.

BISON‘s You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient was captured in the band’s hometown with longtime friend Jesse Gander at Rain City Recorders. The follow-up to 2014-issued 1000 Needles EP serves as their first full-length to include bassist Shane Clark, former lead guitarist of 3 Inches Of Blood, who joined the band following their Lovelessness full-length (2012, Metal Blade). You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient is available on CD, vinyl, and digital formats.

For CD orders point your browser to THIS LOCATION. For vinyl, go HERE. For US orders go to THIS LOCATION.

You are not the ocean. You do not orchestrate a beautiful cacophony of life and death, struggle and destruction, creation and dependence. You are not the sole reason for the existence of a nation of creatures to live and abide by your stark and simple rules. You are not married to the moon. You do not allow the constellations to be your map. You do not destroy cities and drown their citizens. You do not embrace the land’s golden hem as your child, with calm and tenderness. You do not crash and spray craggy shores with fury and passion. You are not unstoppable. You are not powerful. You are not necessary.

You are the patient. You are controlled. You are cared for. You are maintained with medicines and examinations. You are met with cold hands and protocol. Your most intimate self is put on a form. You are questioned about pains and thoughts. You are dependent on those with knowledge. You are helpless. You are tired and bed ridden. You do no harm and you do not help. You are monitored and caged. You are kept away from others. You are contaminated. You are sick. You are keeping yourself sick. You do not know how to recover. You do not want to recover. You do not know what recovery is.

“The riffs are big and burly, the grooves are unstoppable, the vocals will plow you over and there are plenty of hooks to sink your teeth into. In short: it’s everything you want from a BISON record.” — MetalSucks

“Both a step forward and a return to form, BISON is back, baby!” — Hellbound

“This year is already stacked with stellar releases in the metal scene, but none have made an impact on me in such a way as You Are Not the Ocean You Are the Patient. Impassioned vocals, chugging riffs, amazing lead work, and an album composition that hits the nail squarely on the head make this record quite the triumphant return for the band. It’s easily my favorite comeback release of 2017.” — Itdjents

“…an amalgamation of everything that BISON does well. If you love anything in the realm of sludge or stoner metal, this is a must for you.” — Sludgelord

“…a decade into their careers, BISON seems to have found themselves with You Are Not the Ocean You Are the Patient. Fans of stoner metal, sludge, or eve post-metal would do well to check it out.” — Indy Metal Vault

“There is no messing around on BISON‘s You Are Not the Ocean You Are the Patient. The Vancouver band has dialled up the sludge on this, their fourth full-length – treating us to some slow, dripping, heavy riffs. On the other hand, parts of the album are prime headbanging material, driving up the intensity.” — Vancity Rockers

“[You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient] may prove to be the band’s best album yet; while previous releases had great songs, …Ocean… has a cohesive, deliberate structure that the other albums lack. The band’s affinity for longer songs and a dual vocal attack are firmly in place, as well as their knack for weaving bursts of thrash between the slower sinews of sludge….” — BrooklynVegan