BESOTTEN + FUNERELIC: Metal Injection Premieres Abyssal Synodality; Split EP To Drop March 8th On Satanik Royalty Records

Metal Injection is currently streaming Abyssal Synodality, the split EP between two of Portland, Oregon’s vilest entities: BESOTTEN and FUNERELIC. The premiere comes in advance of the EP’s release this Friday, March 8th via Satanik Royalty Records.

Featuring four ruinous tracks that drag the listener to the depths for a ritual of self-sacrifice and inner understanding, BESOTTEN opens this exploration with two slabs of ripping death and ethereal doom that embrace the call of the void within. FUNERELIC leads the synodality onward with a heavy dose of chaos and equally atmospheric hymns of iniquitous death worship. Abyssal Synodality takes your soul on a cryptic journey like none before as these two emerging acts join forces to traverse the unknown – bringing forth a monumental record of Total Northwest Death!

Writes Metal Injection, “The split is out March 8th via Satanik Royalty Records, but you can get buried alive in your own back yard right now thanks to our full stream. I mean seriously, this thing sounds like shovels full of dirt going right into your mouth at any given second.”

Stream Abyssal Synodality, exclusively at Metal Injection, at THIS LOCATION.

Abyssal Synodality will be released on CD, cassette, and digital formats. Find preorders at the Satanik Royalty Records webshop HERE or Bandcamp HERE.

Birthed in 2020, BESOTTEN offers up grim aural emanations of psychic death and existential doom. Their sound weaves bestial blasts of necrosis with crushing passages of ethereal gloom as they open the crypt of the subconscious and unearth the horrors that lurk inside our minds. Evolving from their 2021 demo In Filth It Will Be Found and inspired by the likes of diSEMBOWELMENT, Vastum, and Demilich, BESOTTEN ushers in a desolating new era of death-doom that leaves its listeners utterly rotten and forgotten.

United by a journey towards undeath, FUNERELIC coalesced within the freshly dug graves of Portland in 2020. They contrast sinister riffs and unrelenting blasts with slower, atmospheric sections amplified by the putrefied screams of the summoned dead. Inspired by bands like Sadistic Intent, Morbid Angel, and Dead Congregation, their 2021 demo acts as a proclamation to the conquest of the living.

Abyssal Synodality Track Listing:

  1. BESOTTEN– Anothered
  2. BESOTTEN– Subterranean Realms Of Excutiation
  3. FUNERELIC– Tomb Of The Necrolith
  4. FUNERELIC– Devoured in Obsidian Flame

BESOTTEN photo by Bri Mecanorma

FUNERELIC photo by Liana Rakijian