BELLRINGER: Jettison LP From Outfit Led By Former Melvins Member Streaming At Noisey; Album Out This Week

MD_PR1 bellringer

The psychedelic but incendiary jazzed-out Texas rock outfit known as BELLRINGER prepares for the release of their new Jettison LP this week. Advancing the street date, Noisey has interrogated the band’s founding guitarist/vocalist Mark Deutrom — formerly of The Melvins, Clown Alley, and more — and published the interview alongside an exclusive early stream of the Jettison album.

Leading into the feature, Noisey offers in part, “BELLRINGER‘s Jettison sounds top notch. Grounded in a sort of psychedelic American hard rock vein, the record comes from a collective mindset that explores avenues like Deutrom’s predilections towards jazz, as well as the varied interests and styles of his cabinet of collaborators, including Monique Ortiz.” The interview also delves into Deutrom’s time in the Melvins and much more in addition to the new BELLRINGER release.

Zone out to BELLRINGER’s Jettison in its entirety, and scope the interrogation of Deutrom, RIGHT HERE.

Created as the live conduit for the music of Deutrom, who performed bass in the Melvins’ Prick/Stoner Witch/Stag/Honky-era, preceded by Clown Alley, was a touring member of Sunn O))) and others – BELLRINGER also embodies the contributions of musicians James Flores, Aaron Lack, Monique Ortiz, and Brian Ramirez. The outfit’s Jettison LP was fully written and produced by Deutrom, the album recorded in Austin earlier this year. The six expansive tracks on this new auditory trip traverse an immense volume of genre territory with nearly forty minutes of action, fusing elements of psychedelic and exploratory rock with bluesy and jazzy jam elements, all coalescing in the signature Mark D style. Outer-cosmos radioactive dust cloud soundscapes go head-to-head with lush, organic, earthling grooves, while a quirky edge stimulates hallucinations of animated characters colonizing psychedelic parallel existences.

Jettison will see release this Friday, August 26th, digitally as well as on limited edition LP licensed through Rock Is Hell. The LP is pressed on 180-gram black vinyl for maximum fidelity and superior quality, packed in a hand-screened cover in several variations, and includes a digital download code. Preorders are available stateside via BELLRINGER right HERE and Rock Is Hell in Europe HERE.

An official video from Jettison will be deployed in the coming days, followed by new BELLRINGER live actions and more.

9/03/2016 Bang Bang Bar – San Antonio, TX
9/09/2016 Rudyard’s – Houston, TX
9/16/2016 Sunshine Bar – Arlington, TX
9/30/2016 Lola’s – Fort Worth, TX
10/01/2016 Paper Tiger – San Antonio, TX
10/28/2016 Andy’s – Denton, TX