BASTARD OF THE SKIES & GRIMPEN MIRE: Cvlt Nation Delivers New Tracks From Both Acts Featured On Split Album

Cvlt Nation today rolls out new tracks from two of the top-tier acts from within the UK’s underground doom/sludge/noise community: BASTARD OF THE SKIES and GRIMPEN MIRE.

Culled from the new split LP released by Manchester-based Future Noise Recordings, the partial sampling of the dual-band release gives bystanders an ominous forecast of what this monolithic album bears. Leading off the sonic pounding is the LP’s A-side opener “Yarn,” by Blackburn’s noisiest sludge merchants, BASTARD OF THE SKIES, dispatching nearly five minutes of the band’s caustic grooves and tormented amplification. Birmingham’s purveyors of filthy doom, GRIMPEN MIRE, kick you while you’re down and drop their B-side lead-off, “The Hollow Wreck,” upon you like a rusted anvil collection while you’re unearthing yourself from the rubble of the first attack.

Dig into the devastation of BASTARD OF THE SKIES and GRIMPEN MIRE now at THIS LOCATION.

The LP is available in a limited run of 300 copies on black vinyl, each including a download card, HERE.

Fully comprised of new material from both bands, all seven tracks on the split were recorded by BASTARD OF THE SKIES guitarist/vocalist Matt Richardson at his own Full Stack Studio, then mastered by James Plotkin (OLD, Khanate, Khlyst). The limited 12″ is adorned by Michael Cowell’s deeply evocative artwork, perfectly capturing the feeling of creeping dread evoked by both bands. BASTARD OF THE SKIES takes over Side A, with four songs that further reinforce the potency of their hard-hitting, sludgy noise rock that so captivated anyone subjected to their most recent full-length, 2012’s Tarnation. Cavernous, bass-heavy monsters will make A’s twenty-minutes feel like twenty-years of ugliness, corruption and anger as the unstoppable mega-riffs pile around the poor listener. Side B is left entirely to GRIMPEN MIRE‘s sonic pollution, and their twenty-minutes are spent with but three songs, each driving the listener down into a deeper, darker pit of death and despair. Sounding even more despondent than they did on their cult debut full-length, 2012’s A Plague Upon Your Houses which still seems to plague us today, GRIMPEN MIRE delivers proper horrid doom as a perfect complement to BASTARD OF THE SKIES‘ opening confrontational aggression.