BANGLADEAFY: Treble Premieres “Harvest” Video; Housefly Album From NYC Avant Metal Duo Out Now Through Nefarious Industries

photos by Nick Spadafora

New York City’s avant technical/progressive metal duo BANGLADEAFY has issued a new video for the succinct and explosive single “Harvest,” which sees its premiere through Treble. The song comes by way of the band’s fourth album, Housefly, which saw release through Nefarious Industries in September.

The limitless and ever-evolving duo BANGLADEAFY – drummer Atif Haq and bassist/pianist/vocalist Jon Ehlers – presents their fourth album, Housefly. The album was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Jonathan Vergara of Pancake Studios, with the drums recorded and mixed by Mike Gatto of Gatto Records. The record was completed with artwork by Bryan Elkins. The rapid, psychedelic video for “Harvest” was filmed by Jon Ehlers and David Brenner (Gridfailure) and edited/visually mangled by Brenner.

Offers Jon Ehlers, “The lyrical context of ‘Harvest’ is a critical damning of sacrificing community wellbeing for stale, dead, unaffordable housing. I particularly imagined the area of Downtown Brooklyn when I began writing the lyrics. Almost overnight, it appeared to be a neighborhood of old buildings with unique architecture that was eclipsed by stagnant, empty high-rises owned by foreign wealth, yet nobody is actually occupying them. The fantasy of this song manifests in the form of a gigantic robot knocking these buildings out of the skyline. The song is mechanical in nature on purpose. Musically, we needed to convey this idea of a giant machine stomping through a neighborhood.”

Alongside their exclusive premiere of the video, Treble writes in part, “The fast-moving, intense clip is a distorted look at disparate objects and urban landscapes, natural imagery mixed with man-made. It’s hectic, disorienting, and perfectly attuned to the manic seventy-six-second track itself.”

See BANGLADEAFY’s wild “Harvest” video through Treble at THIS LOCATION.

Stream and purchase BANGLADEAFY’s Housefly through all digital providers RIGHT HERE, and see the previously released videos for “Bloom” HERE and “Tar” HERE.

Inspired by the human manipulation of electronic sounds, Housefly delivers thirteen anxiety-ridden compositions performed live on hardware synths, sample pads, and acoustic drums, and entirely abandons the electric bass acrobatics the tag team has become known for. The album sees BANGLADEAFY revisiting influences of their youth such as Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, and Devo. Marking a development in the band’s philosophy and approach to songwriting, particularly in the vocal department, Housefly embraces more personal lyricism and an uncharacteristically up-front vocal presence. In 2020, BANGLADEAFY have freed themselves of all expectation and restraint – now, anything goes

Watch for additional updates from the band to post in the weeks ahead.