BANGLADEAFY Delivers “Act Like An Adult” Via Metal Insider As Narcopaloma EP Nears Release Through Nefarious Industries

IMG_1032a_web BANGLADEAFY_2016_[photo by Nick Spadafora][photo by Nick Spadafora]

Brooklyn’s tech-shred duo BANGLADEAFY are preparing to unload the brain-warping rampage of their noxious Narcopaloma EP later this month through Nefarious Industries. The band now offer the public another dose of its whiplashing capabilities through an exclusive stream of “Act Like An Adult,” the track dispatched exclusively through Metal Insider.

“The mostly instrumental drum and bass duo sound like the bastard child of Primus, Rush and Animals As Leaders,” the write-up of the track provides. “Ehlers’ spastic and busy bass work is matched in intensity by Haq’s drums. The swirling fusion-like rhythms and subtle keyboard swells are the audio equivalent of an amusement park ride that leaves you breathless when it’s over and makes you immediately get in line to ride it again.”

“Act Like An Adult” with BANGLADEFY at Metal Insider RIGHT HERE.

Also hear the previously-released “Termites” at Metal Injection HERE.

Nefarious Industries will issue Narcopaloma on CD and digital formats on August 26th; preorders are available now at THIS LOCATION.

BANGLADEAFY has booked a Brooklyn record release show on August 25th, with many other live announcements to be expected.

8/25/2016 Sunnyvale – Brooklyn, NY w/ Husbandry, Spotlights, Geometers

Closing a three-year gap since their bewildering The Briefcase EP left jaws swinging, BANGLADEAFY‘s Narcopaloma crams seven new tunes into a white-knuckled fifteen-minute ride through Weirdo City, delivering manic, tech-mangled, bass and drum-driven attack with even more brain-warping arrangements than before. Progressive fusion meets cyber annihilation in brutalizing grooves that take the listener by the throat and drag one through a psychotic 8-bit video game holocaust. The record is drenched in the synth elements that have permeated the outfit’s prior works, including segues bridging each track, and while BANGLADEAFY songs are largely instrumental already, Narcopaloma is virtually void of any vocals. Narcopaloma was engineered and mixed by Jonathan Vergara at Pancake Studios, with Atif Haq’s drums having been recorded by Mike Gatto, and all bass, samplers, and keys tracked by the band’s Jon Ehlers.