ATTILA’S LIFE ETERNAL: Legendary Hungarian Extreme Metal Vocalist Attila Csihar Launches Limited Edition 6.66% CBD Oil; Purchase Today For Special Black Friday Discount!

Photo by Csaba Bende “Zenefesto”

“Don’t die sick; die healthy!” — Attila Csihar

Hungarian extreme metal vocalist, Attila Csihar, best known for his vocal work in Norwegian black metal band Mayhem and American drone-doom project Sunn O))), has launched his own brand of CBD oil: ATTILA’S LIFE ETERNAL.

CBD (cannabidiol) oil is a type of cannabinoid, which are the chemicals naturally found in marijuana plants. CBD however doesn’t create a “high” effect or any form of intoxication that’s caused by another cannabinoid, known as THC. CBD oil has been studied for its potential role in easing symptoms of many common health issues including anxiety, depression, and heart disease.

Csihar, a long time marijuana smoker, noticed the positive effects of the oil during the onset of the global pandemic. “I had a bit of a long break from not smoking weed since this COVID-19 misery broke out,” he recalls, “and I’ve been using only CBD since then. I first tried CBD a couple of years ago and learned a lot about the effects of it on physical and mental health. It helps my sleeping, reduces anxiety, and stress, and it just feels good in general without having any psychic affect — you don’t get high or anything. I can still enjoy the benefits of cannabis without losing my focus or getting lazy.”

With the COVID-19 shutdown cancelling all touring plans for the foreseeable future, Csihar sought out an opportunity he’d been considering for many years: the creation of ATTILA’S LIFE ETERNAL. “When I first started to use CBD, I got it from my friends who had started a CBD company in Hungary. I had the idea to make my own brand back then but never really had the time to pull it off. This year was obviously different, and I immediately started to work on the idea with them. It took some time to invent my brand to make my personal 6.66% CBD oil. We needed the extra permissions from the Hungarian state departments, health, and food organizations etc. Everything had to be 100% legal of course.”

Csihar has been involved in every step of the LIFE ETERNAL creation process, straight from the actual harvesting of the plants. “We have more than fifty hectares of lands planted with medical marijuana here in Hungary! We harvested tons of weed! It was so amazing and beautiful to be part of it. Our medical cannabis is made from carefully selected seeds and they are planted in a special way. It is extremely important to have special medical cannabis plants which have almost zero THC content but are full of the rest of the good ingredients.”

It’s LIFE ETERNAL‘s 100% all-natural makeup that is of utmost importance. “ATTILA’S LIFE ETERNAL is not coming from the ugly pharmacy industry,” notes Csihar. “My raw CBD oil is 100% natural and bio straight from these special cannabis plants. There are lots of bullshit CBD oils out there, but the quality is not the same! The raw oil is integral and comes directly from the plant and contains not only CBD but all the rest of the good natural ingredients from the plant. LIFE ETERNAL is one of the best quality CBD oils you can find out there!”

ATTILA’S LIFE ETERNAL 6.66% CBD oil is available now and limited to 666 exclusive, hand-numbered packages. The packaging design was created by Daniele Valeriani who also supplied the artwork for the latest Mayhem record, Life Eternal.

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“I’m not that super healthy guy,” Csihar concludes, “but even when I used to do drugs, I always took lots of extra vitamins like calcium and magnesium to reduce the damage on my body. I’ve always believed in keeping balance in life in general. If you poison yourself, it’s good to give something to the other side as well; to balance it out. I know that CBD is a very good thing for your whole system in general. Don’t die sick; die healthy!”

Attila Csihar’s musical career began in 1985 in the Hungarian metal band Tormentor, which reached cult status in black metal circles with their first album, Anno Domini (1988). Tormentor performed regular live shows between 1986-90 and became one of the most infamous bands in Hungary. After Tormentor, Csihar started dark electro industrial band Plasma Pool (1990-1994). On the strength of his work in Tormentor, he was invited to perform vocals on Mayhem’s De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas album. His groundbreaking new ways of singing added a special character to Mayhem’s sound. Ultimately, Csihar performed no live concerts with the band until his second tenure in 2004.

Csihar continued to work in various bands, such as Plasma Pool, Aborym, and Korog; he also performed as Caiaphas in the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar in Hungary. He is a “shadow” member of the American doom/drone metal band Sunn O))). His first live performance with the band was at Stadtwerkstatt in Linz, Austria in 2003. His first recorded collaboration with the band was in 2004 when he sang in Sanskrit language on the tracks “Decay2 [Nihil’s Maw]” and “Decay (The Symptoms Of Kali Yuga)” on their album White2. He has recorded five full-length albums with the group, including the very successful Monoliths & Dimensions, and performed hundreds of shows with the band worldwide.