ATOLL: Phoenix-Based Slam Metal Crew To Release Fallout Frenzy Via Gore House Productions; “Bikini Atoll Fallout Frenzy” Lyric Video And Preorders Released

Atoll 2017

Phoenix slam metal crew ATOLL is back with their anxiously anticipated sophomore album, Fallout Frenzy, confirmed for November release through Gore House Productions. Advancing its release, an early single has been issued by way of a lyric video for the album’s “Bikini Atoll Fallout Frenzy” alongside preorders and more.

Emerging from a scorched wasteland, Fallout Frenzy delivers ten new tracks of ATOLL‘s signature pure American death metal, loaded with heavy, murky riffs, contagious melodies, and punishing breakdowns. The thirty-minute opus delivers ten murderous anthems full of vile brutality, the album produced by ATOLL and mixed/mastered by vocalist Wade Taylor at Filthy Swine Studios (Fetal Disgorge) in Phoenix, and featuring album art by Australian comic illustrator Steve Lehmann (Dark Oz Comics’ Decay, etc.). Fallout Frenzy guarantees nonstop death metal fallout. Be forewarned; this is ATOLL‘s heaviest album to date.

Offers Wade Taylor with the release of the “Bikini Atoll Fallout Frenzy” premiere, “The amount of excitement in the ATOLL camp for this release is incredible. Besides being one of the most brutal labels in the independent community, Gore House Productions has been second to none in helping us prepare the masses for this atomic bomb of an album to be released. The extent of the support we have received from them is unparalleled. We decided to go with a classic comic book style for the cover art. We feel it suits our personality as a band and our sense of humor. The track we’ve selected for the first single explains some of finer details about ATOLL‘s origin and history. It covers everything from sea sponges to blood covered beaches of mutant monsters. Prepare your anuses for this underwater adventure.”

Check out the lyric video for ATOLL’s “Bikini Atoll Fallout Frenzy” at THIS LOCATION.

Los Angeles-based Gore House Productions will issue Fallout Frenzy on digital and CD formats on November 17th; find preorders RIGHT HERE.

Watch for additional audio/video samples preceding the album’s gory release in the coming days, with tour dates and more to be expected.

GHP049 - Atoll - Fallout Frenzy

Fallout Frenzy Track Listing:
1. The Rotten
2. Forced Xenotransplantation
3. Battlestar Ghonnorea
4. Global Wyrming
5. The Dripping Dead
6. Bikini Atoll Fallout Frenzy
7. Beastiality Wars
8. Eternal Prolapse
9. Full Gruntal Nudity
10. Cadaverous