ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE: The Road Will End Streaming In Its Entirety at Revolver Magazine!

In celebration of its official detonation this Tuesday, today the metal ministers at Revolver Magazine bring you a full stream of The Road Will End from California molten metal mavericks, ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE! Featuring ten tracks of slow-building, maniacal urgency, The Road Will End is a complex study in heaviness. In a perfect five K review, Kerrang crowns The Road Will End “the thickest, most punishingly-heavy aural savagery your ears will fall victim to in 2013.” agrees: Aggression is off the charts. Great guitar work in the latter portions of the album. Heavy as hell, yet bolstered by a groove-infused vibe.”

Elaborates lead guitarist Cayle Hunter, “The Road Will End is the best group of songs any of us has ever been associated with. We put this album through an extremely strong filter and put every single riff under the microscope. We kept challenging each other to not just write a riff, but to write thee riff. If it didn’t force us make that ‘oooh’ face and bang our heads in the practice spot, it got cut. We wanted to make an album that was stacked with heaters from beginning to end–no filler tracks–and we feel we’ve accomplished that. We hope it gets the stamp of approval from our fellow metal heads around the world!”

Hear for yourself at Revolver Magazine HERE.

Additionally, you can view the bands official video for ever-brooding track “Better Worlds (The Void),” now playing at Metal Injection at THIS LOCATION as well as the official lyric video for “The Starting Line Is A Trip Wire” at HERE.

ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE came from nowhere and nothing. The sludgy four-piece from the small Northern California college town of Chico have worked relentlessly to leave their imprint on metal. Through tours across Europe, around The States and up and down the West Coast, they’ve continued to spread their name in the best way possible: word of mouth. No triggers, no wanky “shredding,” no posturing, no cowardice, no frills. They just play crushing songs that go from slow to slower, from muck to mire, from mosh to circle-pit. And sometimes they’ll make a left turn and end up at epic. Simply put, it’s rock ‘n’ roll music tuned way down and pissed way off.

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