ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE: Exclusive Video Premiere Courtesy Of Metal Injection

In celebration of the impending new studio endeavor from West Coast metal marauders ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE, today Metal Injection hurls forth the premiere of “Better Worlds (The Void),” their first official video ever! The scathingly vitriolic, down-tuned number comes by way of The Road Will End, set for release in North America via Ironclad Recordings on July 23, 2013.

Elaborated guitarist Cayle Hunter: “The video was shot by Renderblitz on Father’s Day at our practice spot in Chico, California so this isn’t a typical ‘band in a warehouse’ video; it’s a ‘band in their practice spot’ video, but our practice spot just happens to be a warehouse. Haha. This is our first ever music video so we’re fucking pumped. ‘Better Worlds (The Void)’ is an exercise in simplicity and a shameless exploitation of our low, low tuning. Lyrically, it’s all gloom, despair and self destruction. Definitely the most negative song on the record. So naturally we decided to make our first ever video for it.”

Keep it slow, brooding and negative with “Better Worlds (The Void)” RIGHT HERE.

If you missed it, you can still check out the official lyric video for “The Starting Line Is A Trip Wire” at THIS LOCATION as well as a stream of “The Well,” courtesy of Metal Insider HERE.

ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE Live Assaults 2013 [remaining dates]:
7/16/2013 Ryan’s Saloon – Reno, NV w/ Glacier
7/19/2013 Lasalles – Chico, CA 21+

ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE came from nowhere and nothing. The sludgy four-piece from the small Northern California college town of Chico have worked relentlessly to leave their imprint on metal. Through tours across Europe, around the states and up and down the West Coast, they’ve continued to spread their name in the best way possible: word of mouth. No triggers, no wanky “shredding,” no posturing, no cowardice, no frills. They just play crushing songs that go from slow to slower, from muck to mire, from mosh to circle-pit. And sometimes they’ll make a left turn and end up at epic. Simply put, it’s rock ‘n’ roll music tuned way down and pissed way off.

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Aggression is off the charts. Great guitar work in the latter portions of the album. Heavy as hell, yet bolstered by a groove-infused vibe.” –

“…one of the flat out heaviest records of the year..” — Scratch the Surface

“It’s fast, it’s slow, it’s melodic but it’s never ever not absolutely bloody furious. There’s something utterly orgasmic about guitars churning away in a ludicrously low drop G tuning. You’ll be humming some of this stuff for days to come, it’s that good…” — Thrash Hits.

Possibly the outright most aggressive and just plain overwhelmingly pig-headedly heavy release of the year.” – The Sludgelord

“Ever listened to an album that made you want to drag your face on the floor in a good way?” – Speaker Creatures

AFA have absolutely outdone themselves on this release” – Rock N Reel Reviews