ARKHUM: Debut Album From Oregon Death Metal Horde Engulfing Listeners

Eugene, Oregon-based sci-fi metal practitioners ARKHUM have been reaping worldwide praise to their debut full-length album, Anno Universum, recently released in North America on Vendlus Records. Following a long line of demos and EP’s, ARKHUM‘s crushing, biological death metal is fully embodied on the debut album, with Anno Universum‘s ravenous eight tracks covering more solid ground in 33 minutes than many contemporary tech-death metallers can in twice the time.

Following the recent release of the album, ARKHUM are booking more live appearances to showcase the material, their next being a hometown headlining show this week, with more in the planning stages.


4/30/2011 WOW Hall – Eugene, OR w/ Tormentium, Jean Grey, Rocket Propelled Chainsaws [tix]

Exploring multiple facets of the death metal genre, ARKHUM simultaneously utilize classic patterns and integrate their own technical flair and sci-fi imagery on their Anno Universum debut full-length. Through a torrential flood of unique, technically-proficient and utterly corrosive death metal, the album documents war-torn stories of torment, despair and pain, born of vast, unexplored realms of the cosmos, not just here on Earth.

Review copies of Anno Universum, as well as interviews with the masterminds behind ARKHUM‘s science-fed attack are available via phone and email now via Earsplit.

“Rich with brutal riffs and dual vocals both snarling and guttural, and insane drumming, ARKHUM manage to bring something new and fresh to the metal world. 10/10” – Metal Assault

“… Arkhum is the surprise of the month, if you ask me.” – Lords Of Metal

“From black metal to death metal to heavily melodic metal and back again, Anno Universum forges relentlessly on to ever greater heights. 4/5” – Metal Underground

“…the best contemporary death metal hybrid I have heard in a very long time, and I struggle to think how these guys could improve from this effort without going too technical or too complex.” – Archaic Magazine