ARCANA 13: Italian Occult Doom Unit Undrapes “Hell Behind You” Video At The Obelisk; Clip Spotlights Dario Argento’s Inferno + Danza Macabra Debut Out Now On Aural Music


Danza Macabra is the spellbinding debut LP from Italian occult doom rock collective, ARCANA 13. With Danza Macabra, the members of ARCANA 13 – whom collectively hail from such acts Mnemic, The Modern Age Slavery, Void Of Sleep, Stoned Machine, and more – carefully selected eight legendary horror classics from the ’60s and ’70s. These movies were meticulously chosen for their specific atmospheres, and based on each one, a corresponding song took shape.

Today The Obelisk is very pleased to undrape the visual accompaniment to the track “Hell Behind You,” which centers itself around Dario Argento’s 1980 film, Inferno.

Comments ARCANA 13 vocalist/guitarist Simone Bertozzi, “Inferno by Dario Argento. Do I need to say more? This movie is simply majestic on so many levels and one of my personal favorite of all time; such a supernatural horror classic. Not many know that Argento got very sick with hepatitis while shooting and invited his mentor, the legendary Mario Bava, to step over and help him with some scenes like unforgettable the underwater ballroom one and also some optical effects.

“We opened Danza Macabra with Mario Bava’s Mask Of Satan,” he continues, “and closing it with the Argento/Bava masterpiece Inferno was the natural choice, pairing it with one of the most epic songs of the whole album: ‘Hell Behind You.” It’s intense, gloomy and evocative with its swinging groove and Black Sabbathy interlude. Dutiful mention to the genius that wrote the incredible soundtrack of Inferno: Keith Emerson. He sadly passed away the very day Danza Macabra was released, March 11th. This one goes to you, Keith. Rest in peace.”

Issues The Obelisk of the clip, “[ARCANA 13‘s] new video is comprised of footage from Dario Argento’s 1980 film, Inferno. Not exactly small potatoes in terms of what they’re taking on to accompany the track in question, ‘Hell Behind You,’ but the scale of the song works on a likewise ambitious scale, culling the raw classic doom of Pentagram and the more poised approach of Candlemass and setting it to a modern swing that’s not quite indebted to Uncle Acid, but definitely aware of the rise of garage doom this decade has wrought. It’s as much traditional as it is forward thinking, and while the roots are metallic, ‘Hell Behind You’ finds the Ravenna foursome with a corresponding heavy rock sensibility.”

Watch “Hell Behind You,” now playing at The Obelisk at THIS LOCATION.

Danza Macabra is available through Aural Music on CD, double LP, and digital download, as well as a special handcrafted music box covered in black velvet with gold print with a poster signed by cover artist Enzo Sciotti and card signed by the band, limited to 200 copies; view order options HERE.

Manifesting a truly mesmerizing musical and visual experience, Danza Macabra‘s ominous mystique can be compared to Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond or Dario Argento’s Inferno set to a Black Sabbath or Pentagram-inspired soundtrack, and even includes a rendition of Goblin’s acclaimed theme from Argento’s legendary Suspiria. Danza Macabra features excellent cover artwork by iconic horror artist Enzo Sciotti. With a career spanning over fifty years, Sciotti has illustrated more than three-thousand movie posters, including cult horror masterpieces like Lucio Fulci’s death trilogy The Beyond, City Of The Living Dead, and The House By The Cemetery, Dario Argento’s Phenomena, and Sam Raimi’s Army Of Darkness and Evil Dead.

“…some of the raddest occult doom I have heard in my recent memory…Their music is enchanting while still being heavy, plus their riffs are catchy as fuck!” – Cvlt Nation

“If you like big, meaty riffs in your retro doom stew, this has all you can eat and a Grade A rating from the Metal Health Department. Definitely a welcome surprise from the land of Argento and Fulchi and an album not to be missed. 4/5” — Angry Metal Guy

“With so many solid albums coming out that dip into the whole ’70s retro thing, at times it can be a chore trying to keep track of them all. Danza Macabra is certainly one you’ll want to put on your radar, not only if you love those heavy and hard rocking sounds of the ’70s, but also for those who appreciate many of those chilling horror movies of the same time period. 4/5” — Sea Of Tranquility

“…a solid album, the kind that should appeal to those with an interesting in Sabbath style doom/stoner rock and Euro-cult horror soundtracks alike. Enzo Sciotti’s cover work is nothing to sneeze at either. Great stuff.” — Rock Shock Pop

“These Italians play traditional doom metal, drenched in ’70s hard rock, using horror themes to strengthen their overall atmosphere. They draw similarities to several bands, most notable would be Blood Farmers. Danza Macabra, like Blood Farmers’ brilliant Headless Eyes, is as much influenced by Goblin as it is Black Sabbath. In fact, ARCANA 13 provide a rendition of fellow countrymen Goblin’s classic Suspiria’ from the Dario Argento film of the same title… ARCANA 13 put forth a strong effort on Danza Macabra and it results in a very good debut.” – Metal Bite


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