ANCIENT VVISDOM: Cvlt Nation Debuts “Rise Fallen Angel” From Occult Rock Trio; Magic Bullet To Unleash 33 This Friday


“Like the morning star it praises, ANCIENT VVISDOM is more deceptive than you realize. It heralds that section of the genre that is far darker than even the loudest bands while doing a style you don’t recognize is nearly this cursed. 33 is going to live on for quite some time.” — The Sludgelord

This Friday, Magic Bullet Record will unveil 33, the impending new long player from occult rock practitioners ANCIENT VVISDOM. In advance as its release, today Cvlt Nation is offering an exclusive premiere of “Rise Fallen Angel.”

Offers Nathan “Opposition” Jochum of the track, “On these hard roads that we have ahead of us as humanitym there is but one redeemer, Lucifer. The light bearer will bring a rejuvenated energy to this world and will guide our path to a brighter future. Lucifer is redemption. Don’t be held captive by the hate that this world has forced upon us. Let your light shine bright like the sun and may the fallen angel rise once again. Be the love we need.”

Hear “Rise Fallen Angel” courtesy of Cvlt Nation at THIS LOCATION.

If you missed it, witness “The Great Beast” still playing at Decibel Magazine at THIS LOCATION as well as “Light Of Lucifer” at the Magic Bullet Bandcamp page HERE where preorders for the album are currently available.

On the band’s fourth studio offering, the perennial nucleus of brothers Nathan “Opposition” Jochum (vocals, acoustic guitar, kick drum) and Michael Jochum (guitar, backup vocals) is rounded out by new band member Connor Metsker on bass. Thematically, 33 largely continues the prior agenda of empowerment through Satanism, instinct, enlightenment, and ritual. 33 comes under the microscope on this recording and is regarded by the band as a master number. Jochum is quick to point out that it is the age that Christ was crucified, the age of the peak of existence, and the age he happened to be in making this album.

The sonic approach continues in the tradition of prior albums: deliberate, mid-tempo songs with minimal arrangements, unparalleled melody, and dynamic vocal range. ANCIENT VVISDOM could be cited as among the strongest proponents of the philosophy “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” 33 was produced by Nathan “Opposition” Jochum, engineered by Steve Rauckhorst, mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound, and completed with cover art by Linas Garsys and design by Emma White.