ANAAL NATHRAKH Side Project Announced

Bleeding Through’s Brandan Schieppatti has joined forces with musical polymath Mick Kenney of ANAAL NATHRAKH to create Sorrows.

The two musically minded neighbors joined forces in Huntington Beach, California in October 2009 to collaborate on this new musical project. The resulting album is, in Mick’s own words, “a mixture of hardcore crustpunk, black metal, electronic beats and super heavy riffage.”

The album has been written and produced by Mick, with Brandan taking on the vocalist mantle once again. Although still recruiting members for the live line up, they have already drafted in Trevor Friedrich (formerly of 18 Visions, and now of industrialists Combichrist), on drums, whilst Mick will play guitar.

Sorrows have uploaded tracks onto their myspace, which are taken from their full length album, which is fully recorded; the band are currently seeking a label.