ALPINIST, ACEPHALIX, DRAINLAND: May Releases From Southern Lord

Southern Lord Recordings has confirmed three crushing new limited edition CD releases from ALPINIST, ACEPHALIX and DRAINLAND, all set to be unleashed on May 24, 2011.

San Francisco-based ACEPHALIX spew forth a stripped-down and tonally obliterating old-school Nihilist/Entombed death metal style infused with West Coast crustpunk angst. Featuring members of Depressor and other hellish Bay Area acts — including three members who also do time in Vastum, another act currently gaining worldwide attention from the death metal underground — ACEPHALIX already have a diehard cult following, and plan to take their terror worldwide as Southern Lord releases the band’s seven-track bulldozer Indeterminable Night in a one-time CD pressing of 2,000 on May 24. []

ALPINIST hail from Munster Germany, and produce crushingly dark hardcore/crust with blinding intensity. The band is meant to be understood by those who are sick of people following musical trends, those who want to live out music with dedication and those who believe in expressing their own ideals through their own art, and their socio-political lyrics are openly and strongly against all forms of fascism, racism, sexism and homophobia. Southern Lord will release Lichtlærm/Minus Mensch on CD this May 24, in a limited edition run of 2,000 copies. The disc contains both of the band’s albums that were previously only available on limited vinyl releases, making this the first ever CD release from ALPINIST. []

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, crust behemoth DRAINLAND have also just joined the Southern Lord family for a limited edition release of their searing …And So Our Troubles Began, a compilation of two vinyl-only releases. DRAINLAND‘s intense (ins)urgency is saturated with the crushing sludge of Eyehategod and the crusty punk filthiness of His Hero Is Gone. Set for release on May 24, …And So Our Troubles Began will be released on a one-time CD pressing of 1,000 copies. []