ALL PIGS MUST DIE: Debut Full-Length Out Today

Today the North American masses can officially consume the debut full-length from Massachusetts-based death squad, ALL PIGS MUST DIE, the unforgiving bastard called God Is War. With the underground metal and hardcore media already praising this unhinged beast of an album for its mammoth tone, its energetic diversity, and overall for its unfuckwithable demeanor, God Is War is already being called one of the best heavy albums of 2011 by respected zines and writers internationally.

ALL PIGS MUST DIE are currently on the other side of the country as their album hits the streets today, taking the fight to the masses in support of its release. Having just annihilated the crowd at the massive kickoff of the ongoing The Power Of The Riff Fest in Los Angeles this past Saturday, APMD will tangle with Portland, Oregon tomorrow night on their way to assault the Seattle, Washington The Power Of The Riff event this Thursday alongside Aeges, Masakari, Alpinist, Noothgrush, Pelican and Winter!

8/17/2011 Branx – Portland, OR
8/18/2011 Neumo’s – Seattle, WA @ TPOTR [TICKETS]
10/01/2011 El N Gee – New London, CT w/ Integrity

A group committed to uncompromising sonic warfare, ALL PIGS MUST DIE explode on God Is War, the album’s sound and lyrical content assaulting the listener in a fury of death-filled anthems. Their upbeat flurry is slowed only for the occasional snail-paced buildup of mammoth riff tension, the rush of obvious hatred for humanity relentlessly displayed through it all. Recorded and mixed by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou’s God City Studio (Black Breath, Nails, Black Cobra, Disfear) in December, the tone of God Is War is as foreboding as the music itself. ALL PIGS MUST DIE contains vocalist Kevin Baker (The Hope Conspiracy), drummer Ben Koller (Converge), guitarist Adam Wentworth (Bloodhorse) and bassist Matt Woods (Bloodhorse).

“So angry all the time, so unwilling to let you breathe, God Is War puts the still endless supply of swoopy-haired pussies in their rightful place… 8.5/10” – MetalReview

“D-beat decimation, vicious hardcore, and nihilistic crust punk all mixed up in a big barrel of molten lava is what this one is all about. 8/10” – Blabbermouth

“All Pigs Must Die are an inch and half from your face, washing your chin with spittle. There’s no subtlety, nothing to be pondered here. Just aggression. 4/5” – MetalSucks

“…God is War delivers an intensity that is matched by few, bringing more speed to the traditionally doomy Southern Lord roster.” – Alarm Magazine

“The album doesn’t take long to get its point across, and leaves a messy, bloody trail behind it. 4/5” –

“…yet another musical statement from a genre of music that doesn’t want to write anthems of how awful the world is. It wants to burn this world to the ground. 8/10” – Crave Online