ALCATRAZZ Releases New Video/Single, “Bring On The Rawk,” From Forthcoming Album; Take No Prisoners Out This Week On Silver Lining Music

Today, Los Angeles-born heavy metal icons ALCATRAZZ unleash the video for their thunderous new single, “Bring On The Rawk.” The track is taken from the upcoming album, Take No Prisoners, out this Friday, May 19th via Silver Lining Music.

“Bring On The Rawk” is a powerful ode to being on the road, travelling the world playing music, and a defiant, mighty pledge to Bring The Rawk to the masses! “Bring On The Rawk” is the closing track on the forthcoming album Take No Prisoners, and what a grand finale! There can be no question of ALCATRAZZ’s ability to finish the journey in a blaze of glory whilst kicking some serious ass!!!

“Yesterday I sailed between Spain and Morocco and saw Gibraltar up close and personal…,” recalls ALCATRAZZ cofounding bassist Gary Shea. “I vow to ‘Bring The Rawk’ there and everywhere else I can with our new album Take No Prisoners… We vow to play it Loud and Proud. See you on tour soon!”

“Bring On The Rawk” was directed and edited by Danny Merton who also handled camera work, with camera assistance by Kerry Stringer.

Watch ALCATRAZZ’s video for “Bring On The Rawk” at THIS LOCATION.

View the band’s previously released video for “Battlelines” and “Don’t Get Mad… Get Even,” featuring the legendary Girlschool HERE.

Take No Prisoners will be released on digipak CD, 12” Black vinyl, digital download, streaming and special D2C bundles. Preorders are available at THIS LOCATION.

Take No Prisoners is ALCATRAZZ’s sixth studio album and sees the band energetically soaring and exploring melodic progression with road-warrior riffs. Take No Prisoners is comprised of ten cracking, charismatic tracks,  with each containing the unique fusion of classic American rock with the full grain hard-rocking attitude of British metal. The first single, “Don’t Get Mad…Get Even” finds the band collaborating with the legendary Girlschool in a full-force, head-banging fist-pumper, while ‘Little Viper’ rides a scything guitar into a thunderous, Dio-like assault. The band also shows their calmer, more expansive side with the epic “Strangers.” With Take No Prisoners, it’s clear that ALCATRAZZ are determined to make up for lost time, roaring forwards at warp factor ten to deliver!

Comprised of Doogie White (vocals), Joe Stump (guitars), Jimmy Waldo (keyboards), Gary Shea (bass), and Larry Paterson (drums), and with Giles Lavery and Waldo producing, Take No Prisoners is a loudly, and proudly classic rock album which draws on the ALCATRAZZ traditions of technically excellent screaming guitars, thunderous rhythm, and the sort of vocals and overall aura that evoke prime Dio and Rainbow. And, of course, a primed and fully tuned-up ALCATRAZZ, whose career is fast taking on Benjamin Button proportions.

Following the success of ALCATRAZZ’s UK co-headlining tour with Girlschool earlier this year, ALCATRAZZ shows no sign of slowing down in their quest to “Bring The Rawk” to the masses. Keep your eyes peeled for more 2023 dates to be announced soon. Visit for updates.

Take No Prisoners Track Listing:

  1. Little Viper
  2. Don’t Get Mad… Get Even (feat. Girlschool)
  3. Battlelines
  4. Strangers
  5. Gates of Destiny
  6. Alcatrazz
  7. Holy Roller (Love’s Temple)
  8. Power in Numbers
  9. Salute the Colours
  10. Bring on the Rawk

Jimmy Waldo – keyboards
Gary Shea – bass
Doogie White – lead vocals
Joe Stump – guitar
Larry Paterson – drums

“You need to listen to this record – everything else would be more than careless!” – Break Out

“Second time with Doogie White – classic hard rock with NWOBHM influence.” – Classic Rock

“Some racy songs (‘Bring On The Rawk’), highly melodic (‘Don’t Get Mad…Get Even’) but always to the point and with sensational great guitar work from Joe Stump.” – Deaf Forever

ALCATRAZZ is showing themselves at their very best on Take No Prisoners and created one of their strongest records. Even after more than forty years, ALCATRAZZ are one of the best actual bands in heavy metal.” – Hooked-On-Music

ALCATRAZZ is tighter, heavier, and more laser-focused than they have ever been with their latest release Take No Prisoners. The band couldn’t have come up with a more appropriate name for the album as everyone delivers intense and notable performances throughout. The addition of Doogie White on vocals has lit a fire under ALCATRAZZ that is not likely to burn out any time soon.” – KNAC

“Take No Prisoners contains what long-time followers of this group desire – professionalism as well as proper songwriting that has all the right hooks, melodies, and musical intricacies desired for this style. The old-timers can still teach the current generation a thing (or two) about the art of releasing full-length albums that stand up well months to years down the line” — Dead Rhetoric