AHTME’s The Demonization Sees Official Release Today On Unique Leader; Full Record Streaming At Decibel


The Demonization is the latest full-length from Kansas City technical death metal squad, AHTME. Initially issued by the band, under their original moniker of The Roman Holiday in 2013 and now seeing proper release by Unique Leader Records, The Demonization was recorded with Navene Koperweis (Animosity, Animals As Leaders, Entheos) in San Francisco and delivers forty-minutes of pure, sonic battery.

In conjunction with its release, today Decibel Magazine offers up The Demonization in its molten entirety noting, “Inherently the trouble with tech death is to make memorable music. A flurry of notes, while impressive from the standpoint of musicianship, does not necessarily a song make. In contrast, top-tier acts inject a bit of something extra, be it more symphonic or organic parts, to keep songs from degrading into squealing blast fests. In line with this methodology, debut The Demonization from AHTME (formerly called The Roman Holiday) makes sure to pair their musical fireworks with a down-to-earth, violent swagger.”

Adds the band:When we hit the studio to lay down The Demonization in 2009, we really wanted to come away with something that emulates the aggression and ferocity that we feel play huge roles in our live performances and what we walked away with was exactly that. We really focused on making the music angry, fast, and most importantly groovy, and the vocals absolutely follow suit. We all threw in our two cents and the lyrical themes span a pretty vast subject field touching a lot on religion, personal psychedelic experiences, and just the overall absurdity of what life on present day earth has come to. The Demonization is an excellent introduction into what we as AHTME have come to embody.”

Hear The Demonization RIGHT HERE.

Forged in 2005 in Kansas City, Missouri, AHTME brings a signature and unique sound to the table. Start with surgically precise but groove-infused guitar riffs, lay them atop a percussion section as sturdy as a field of steel girders and as intricate as a handmade Swiss grandfather clock, throw in a heaping helping of raw, violent vocal incursions, and you have yourself AHTME. Following a near three-year hiatus, AHTME, is indeed back with a proverbial vengeance.

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