ABYSS Premieres “Prophecies Of Churning Horror” From Heretical Anatomy Debut LP Through Steel For Brains

The newest slab of executioner-style Northern death metal mayhem from ABYSS has been delivered as the Ontario-based mob prepares for their Heretical Anatomy debut LP to strike via 20 Buck Spin.

The fifth track from ABYSS‘ eight-course Heretical Anatomy bloodfeast comes in the form of “Prophecies Of Churning Horror,” which sees its ungodly birth through investigative extreme webzine, Steel For Brains. The write-up accompanying the track reports of its putrid malevolence, “Yes, like any kind of death metal worth its salt, ‘Prophecies Of Churning Horror’ chews through every second of its two minutes with absolute menace but not without making damn good use of its dual guitars providing a just as wrathful response digression to the musical chaos around it. Death metal needs to be fucked up and unforgiving in its execution, and it’s abundantly clear that the Toronto-based ABYSS have that concept at the appropriately gnarled and mutilated heart of their music.”

Submit to ABYSS and their “Prophecies Of Churning Horror” at Steel For Brains RIGHT HERE.

Heretical Anatomy‘s “The Atonement” is also playing at Decibel Magazine HERE.

Recorded and engineered by Chris Hegge at Audiolab, Toronto in the grip of Winter 2014, Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust adds his touch to the production of Heretical Anatomy, mixing and mastering ABYSS‘s malformed death metal and the horror of its Lovecraftian persona. The frenzied blasting of early American and UK death metal and grindcore, before a distinct separation between the two existed, is a hallmark of Heretical Anatomy, yet the overwhelming speed scattered throughout the album’s duration is expertly applied, never descending into a one dimensional space where only velocity is the basis for existence. Songs are crafted with the care of the elder gods, rigorously refined with a seasoned sophistication, always maintaining a sharply primitive ferocity.

Heretical Anatomy will see release through 20 Buck Spin on LP and digital formats April 14th, 2015, guaranteed to attract fans of Napalm Death, Exhumed, Repulsion, Impaled, Noisem, Terrorizer, Carcass, Axis Of Advance, labelmates Mammoth Grinder, Bone Sickness and the similar deliverers of auditory putrefaction and unrest. Expect new tour dates from ABYSS in the near future.